Dental Health in India?
  • HI there can anyone advise a reputable dentist in Chandigarh or Dehli I heard its cheap in India to get your teeth done. Is it true? can anyone out there enlighten me plse.
  • The medical tourism in India is on boom. Travelers coming to India for medical treatment done because of cheap and best services. You can get this dental related problem at any of the certified BDS doctor.
  • I had my teeth done in India out of urgency and can say the dentist did the job really well. I had crowns, a bridge and root canal (infected tooth) plus had all old fillings replaced. The whole treatment cost $3800NZ which would have cost $25000NZ when quoted by my NZ dentist. The dentist was a reputable Dental Tourism Dentist in Chandigarh. Basically I came out with a beautiful full set of restored teeth. It was worth it.

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