Women travelling to Egypt safely
  • Hi,

    I just got back from visiting my daughter who works in Cairo and lives in the suburbs. I walked through the streets on my own and even travelled the metro etc with my daughter. We visited most of the tourist sights and i didn't feel unsafe at all. Most of the egyptians men are extremely friendly and polite - men on the metro offered their seats and chatted to me in a friendly manner,welcoming me to their country and wishing me well during my stay. I saw some fair haired visitors who even i felt uncomfortable about as they blatantly didnt seem to respect the culture. The more revealing your clothing the less respect you will receive from the egyptians... especially the women. If you travel the metro do not fall into the trap of thinking it would be safer to travel in the women only carriages as the women will treat you with distain as they feel your dress sense shows you have loose morals. If you want to be respected - then show respect to the people you are visting. Cover your shoulders and dont wear provocative low cut dress, its also best to cover your knees. Dont assume you can take pictures of anyone or anything - ask if you wish to photograph a person.

    I did attract a lot of attention everywhere i went because of my colouring but i could use my common sense to ignore those who were just selling (unless you are prepared to buy) but spoke to some wonderful and interesting people even one of the touts at Gisa pyramids who sat and talked with us for a while without hassle and wished me luck on my travels. When walking through London or any other major city worldwide i would use the same common sense to judge whether someone is being genuinely friendly or making a scam.

    One rule seems to work is that a respectable Egyptian would never approach you from behind - so ignore anyone that follows you and tries to keep up. They ask your name constantly and where you are from - dont get sucked in to this type of conversation.

    There is no serious crime in egypt - mostly just trying to sell stuff or mislead you into taking unofficial guides at the tourist attractions - this will cost you money if you fall for it. Watch out for the 'police' or civil guards whatever they are - i personally dont think they are a trustworthy as you may imagine.

    Go with an open mind and enjoy the friendly and amazing culture.
  • I am a 45 year old American woman. I have never had a desire to travel to Egypt...until I met a man in my home town of 3000 people, who is Egyptian. He met a woman on the internet, says he fell in love so she went to Egypt and married him. He came to America a year later once he obtained his visa. I personally have never been attracted to anyone of another race, but only because I have limited experience being from a very small town. I've known Mohamed for two years and we have been just friends until recently. What I will say is he has never been inappropriate with me. He has only been respectful and considerate in the two years since I met him. If all Egyptian men are like Mohamed...the Egyptian women are lucky indeed.
  • I should have added that his marriage broke up after 3 years. I don't know her side as she is from another part of the state, but he said it is because she cheated on him shortly after he got to America. He felt that having to wait for a year before he could join her was more than she could handle. He still cares for her and if she needs him for anything he helps her. I think it's a shame that he could not have gotten the visa sooner, but also that it's a shame that she didn't take marriage more seriously. At any rate, I would now like to go to Egypt as I have seen it through his eyes and it seems very mystical to me.
  • You will be used Chel
  • I own my home, have a decent job, sent two daughters to college and am reasonable intelligent. People who get used, allow people to use them. He does far more for me and expects nothing but friendship in return. If he is a user, and you may be right, he will be sadly disappointed in me. I have already given everything I have to my children to further their education. Any man who enters a relationship with me knows I have a son who will soon be joining his sisters in college and if you want to be with me you will want to help me with my children as I would do anything in my power to help my mate as well. Its a two way street Hem. I wish you luck out there my dear...it sounds as though you have been burned. May your future be more blessed than your past.
  • Hello,
    I have been offered a volunteer post in Cairo. I am a single female, and have traveled and lived abroad before, but some of the comments on here have made me a little concerned. Is it correct that I will be very limited in terms of going out on my own in the evening? Is it isolating for single foreign women living in the city or is there a good community? Thanks!
  • I am a guy traveling to Egypt from San Francisco between Nov and Dec and I was trying to convince my co-worker to come join me but she insisted that it is too much of a hassle for women in Egypt and so she has dropped out! At first I didn't believe it but reading stuff online makes me realize how unfortunate the situation is. Egypt has always held a fascination for me with all its rich and mysterious history. Anyways I found this great map online...


    Hope you people enjoy your trip and post your experiences.
  • Hi to everyone out there... To all the skeptics out there about finding and falling in love with someone on the internet ... it happens. I am an American woman and I fell in love with an Egyptian man. We've spent months talking on Yahoo...every night for hours and the love I feel for him is genuine and I know he loves me too. But even though I love him this much.. I am still skeptical. He recently asked me to come to Cairo to marry him and then he wants to come to the US on Visa. I want to wait and get the fiance visa and give us a bit longer to get to know one another. But regardless, I do want to meet him first before I do either. Any suggestions or advice? P.S. I've never had thoughts about Egyptian men either way.. but knowing them now.. My guy and his friends .. they are the nicest people and I yessssss very handsome... but mostly just have great hearts and I love that. Thanks
  • Starrkle: "To all the skeptics out there about finding and falling in love with someone on the internet ... it happens."

    Bless you, you know nothing of him, only what he has told you. This big ol macho old fashioned man thing is only a made up face for old fashioned misogyny.

    Add to this the Arab disdain/disgust for the West and you are in a mess even considering being with an egyptian male. Life in Egypt is plain and simple familial abuse of women and children. The man is king in his household and will do whatever he wants to do whenever he wants to do it. It doesn't matter if he wants sex at 3 in the morning, you have no right to say no. You have no right to go out, no right to do what you want, unless he is getting everything paid for. He'll ask you to buy him a mobile, a car, a flat, and even if you are clever enough to say to put it in your name, it'll be written in arabic, so you wouldn't know. In the end he will behave so abysmally, you will realise you are trapped, and need to leave and you will have lost all your money. Or your money dries up and you will get the boot.
    Or he'll pretend he has no interest in moving to your country, then that changes. So you go through everything to import this piece of ass, and he will get his papers and whatever else he can get and kick you to the kerb.

    Once he arrives in the west, most of them can't cope with the liberal freedom that we enjoy, they can go off the rails, gambling, drinking, whoring and spending money like water, you complain? he'll hit you. Remember it's perfectly acceptable to hit your wife in Egypt.

    why would you fork out thousands of dollars to meet some guy to check him out. How can you say that 'your' guy and his friends are the nicest people? You wouldn't know if they were cussing you out standing next to you. And they will most likely. I know this. because I have heard them.

    Every Egyptian on the make (most of them sadly) have a story to tell, they will tell you this sad sad story upon meeting you, or they will tell you whatever they think you need to hear to get you where they want you.

    I met my egyptian in my country. He'd lived there for over 10 years, he had a passport and money, he needed me for nothing, it started on an even footing, with no interest either side in trying to get anything out of the other one.

    Once I had his child and we moved to his home 20 years after he had left there, he got bad culture shock and clamped down on me like mad. I spent literally months indoors, was hit, abused verbally and had my confidence utterly shattered. I have been home for 18m now, still have my moments of agoraphobia due to the hell of a life I lived there.

    Women are abused and harassed by men in Egypt as a sport. Egyptian women will also abuse you as loose, bad morals and low class, no matter your dress, no matter your demeanour. If you are with one of 'their men' they will make nasty comments and give you filthy looks. One tried to get me bad service in a hospital where I was rushed for emergency surgery, just because I was married to one of 'her men'.

    If you are years older than your 'man' another red flag, you are being used and however 'good' you think you look together, Egyptian men will rarely marry a woman over 30, so you will be seen as a fossil no matter how many years you are over the age of 25. Trust me Cougars, you look ridiculous, everyone there in Egypt thinks it. His family will welcome you with open arms, open hands to get anything they can get off you.

    I have been with my H for over 10 years. The last 3 in his country have killed the marriage stone dead. I hate his attitude to women, I know what he thinks, I know how his people live. He is a dead beat dad, useless and lazy and clueless.

    Q: How can you tell an Egyptian is lying?
    A: They are breathing.

    I would run a mile if any Egyptian spoke to me.
  • Hi, Egypt is a country that is full of various people, places . You can meet a lot of people with completely different personality. You even think that they aren't from the same town or same country. Any who i lived in Egypt now for about 4 years and still counting i live in Alexandria its a nice place. I am studying in the university there. For me, i think Alexandria is the best place in Egypt , most people there are decent and polite anyway, if you ever plan on traveling to Alexandria contact me to show you around either via sending me an email on drsnsa@gmail.com
    or chat online via dr_sns@yahoo.com anyway hope you come and visit Egypt either way its a nice country in general.
  • hello everyone. i just come from my trip in Cairo Egypt. i spent a week there. i have been talking to this egyptian man for almost a year now and we finely got to meet. he and his friemds and family treated me with respect and was very loving to me. i have read all the stories on here about how women are treated and i never got that treatement and im glad of that. but yes i still want to go back a time or two to see if things change over time but i really want him to move here cause i have young children and want them to finish school here. but we want to marry there. if you all have any advice as to how to go about this please let me know my email is tracyshelton1979@yahoo.com Please help thank you so much
  • Viv, If your heart tells you to go meet the man, by all means go. Also, definitely welcome your father's company. No respectible Egyptian family would allow a young single female to go to another country unescorted to visit a man. This man and his family will respect you and your family if your father is with you. It will also provide an opportunity for your father to become better acquainted with the culture.
  • I've travelled to Egypt as a single woman and felt completely safe - Egypt is not a dangerous country to travel to as an independent traveller. What you say about the unwanted attention from men is true and you will find that, as a foreigner, you will get stared at a lot. Men generally dominate the streets of Egypt, as women spend at lot of time at home, so you may sense that you're standing out in the crowd. To reduce the chance of this unwanted attention, it is always a good idea to dress as modestly as possible, and wear long sleeved clothing.

    Have a great trip!
  • NeverAlex... are you still there to share your story? My cousin is in egypt and she has not been able to return...
  • iv been married to an egyptian man for 22 years .i fell deeply inlove very quickly and married him within 7 months of nowing him,dispite my family and friends warnings and doubts of his sincerity.At the time i was a succsefull buisness women and on my way to a very comfortable life .The first thing i noticed was the laziness of the man ,and the love of spending my money,he is arrogant,abusive ,and even expects me to wait on him after i come from work,i have stayed with him for the children as he is a reasonable father ,but i have not been happy with him ,but i love him for his fathering abilities .Iregret marrying this manbut i have two beautiful daughters from him that i adore but life with him was unbearabul,i will see out my days with him but the saddest thing is one of my daughters has fallen inlove with an egyptian man and i see the same story repeated and i would do anything to send him away but unfortunately it is not possible .Iwould encorage any western women to run for the hills if she is thinking of marrying an egyptian man you will have a miserable life that is for certain ,but you are saying MY MAN IS DIFFERENT im sorry his not and you will find this out when it is to late .When you meet them at first you think you are the luckiest women in the world thats how i felt ,maybe there is some nice Egyptian men and im sorry if i have offended anyone i shouldnt generalise,this is my experience and my opinon
  • Some advise for you - be very careful with Egyptian men. I know my brothers and how they act. So nice for white woman until he has her, then they are coming very jealous after some time and keeping her away from others and beating for talking against him. I dont live there at this time but I know what happened to TV reporter Lara Logan was not the only incident. Many women are attacked.

    They are not all the same, but it is too hard to find the small number of good within so many 'smooth operator' bad ones. I feel sorry for white woman who chooses Egyptian muslim man as they dont know the full extent of what life entails. That is why I am not living there as I like the freedom of England for females to study and live life.
  • I'd love to be able to say it's safe and I guess in many respects it is. But despite dressing very conservatively, being polite and self-confident and trying hard not to attract attention, I didn't have a single day when I wasn't either groped or propositioned inappropriately.

    And apparently it's getting worse, check out the BBC article 'Egypt's sexual harassment of women epidemic at http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-19440656
  • I just returned from Egypt. These posts are right - be VERY wary of the men!!!! My tour guide ( Mohamed ) would change the way he acted depending on who was watching. ****Do not be alone with your tour guide****. Mohamed would say horrible things to the driver about me, even making up a story that I was looking for "romance". Comments like this can put your safety in jeopardy. Do not trust anyone!
  • Hi all.
    My boyfriend is Egyptian but he is a Christian as am I. He is also internationally experienced and has a high level of education. He is in fact trying to leave his country because under Islamic rules the Christians have little place there anymore. He would never ask me to come to Cairo to visit him - ı think he is aware that being blonde I would not feel comfortable. I live in Istanbul,Turkey myself and although I get stared at - the Turkish people are very friendly and respectful. I would say however, that in the rural areas and where a lot of traditional families live there is more risk. I never go to these places alone.  If you want to date someone you should find an educated man who has travelled overseas. You cannot generalise because my boyfriend is a gem and comes from a respectable family and he cherishes me but you have to be careful, make sure you know them through and through. Just my opinion. 
  • I have travelled as a lone woman in Egypt and Turkey and there is no comparison.You have to be extremely careful in Egypt  even more so these days, Turkey by and large is much safer and far more tolerant.

  • i do not know where minya is in egypt.but women traveling to egypt is not a great idea.

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