coming to tunisia in june for our honeymoon
  • hi me and hubby to be have booked a week al in pek in june for your honeymoon we intened to just chill out and relax but i was thinking we could do a trip something really special that i could surpise hubby with does any one have any ideas also im a bit worried about how much money to bring annd i have been told money works a bit like 2.50 to our 1.00 is this right cant wait lesley ur comments have really helped thanks so much and if any one can help me out that would be great thanks mrs-cummings-to -be x
  • Mabrouk and I hope you will have a wonderful honeymoon! PEK is very lovely and you will enjoy your time there I am sure. For surprises why not try a night in the Sahara - it is really beautiful (although during the day it will be very hot) but lying watching the stars is a very wonderful thing to experience. You could also think about a day trip to Tataouine or Matmate where the Star Wars were filmed. Very interesting and historic Berber areas.

    Tunisia is very cheap for English tourists and you will find your money goes quite far. I hate telling people how much money to bring and of course it depends on what you want to do and see. I guess living the 'high' life here would be anywhere from TD80.000 to TD100.000 per day!! But you can get by on much much less. the hotel can arrange any excursions you want to take and they are quite reasonable.

    I hope that I have helped!!
  • Hi Lesley,
    I am looking at coming to Tunisia for our honeymoon in August. Just wondering where you think is the best resort which isn't too touristy, but near everything we might want to see? Sorry to be vague about the requirements, but haven't got a clue. Also would like to splash out on the hotel (as it is our honeymoon) so would like a little bit of luxury, do you have any recommendations?
  • Hi Chands,

    How about looking at Port el Kantaoui. It is close to some great sites and locations. Even though PEK is a purpose built tourist area, it is very lovely, clean with some great restaurants and bars. They have some fabulous hotels - but, I hate making recommendations. There are a number of 5* there, some with spas and all are right on the beach. You can explore the region easily from here using the louages or a private driver or taxis (which are cheap). You can get to the capital Tunis for the day on the bus and visit the other areas nearby.

    Please also remember that August is very, very hot here and Ramadan begins on 11/12 August this year. It won't affect you very much in a tourist area but outside in local villages etc you will not find restaurants or very much open during the hottest part of the day. But once the sun goes down, we eat and then go out - so you will find it quite lively at night. You will be able to have alcohol at the hotels but not many other places at this time of the year.

    I do hope you will enjoy your honeymoon

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