Jamaica passport query
  • I am from canada and I am planning a trip to Jamaica in the next few weeks. I do not have a passport and understand this is ok. Im just very worried about this. will I be ok to travel without one?
  • As a US citizen, I have traveled to Jamaica over 25 times. I never needed anything more that a "certificate of live birth". As a citizen if Canada, you will have no trouble using this same birth certificate and one current ID with a picture (driver's license, etc.)

    In my opinion, Negril is the only place on the island worth visiting. It has its famous 7 mile beach and another 7 miles of cliffs for jumping and diving. Don't miss the swimming at Rick's Cafe and the 'West End' resorts. IRIE

    I live in Thailand now and miss Jamaica terribly.
  • I am a U.S. citizen wanting to travel to Jamaica with my 10 year old. It seems that all we will need is a birth certificate and my drivers license. Is this correct? I would hate to book my trip and get to the airport to find out we need passports...
  • Even as a Canadian citizen you'll need a passport. You won't be allowed to leave the airport/the airlines won't give you a boarding pass - that's standard now.
    It's the visa you won't need if you're traveling to Jamaica for tourism.
  • Just got back to Canada from Jamaica last week... no passport required as long as you are not touching down in the states. For direct flights from Canada to Jamaica and back you just need a government picture ID and birth certificate.
  • As a Jamacian living in the US what would i need to travel to England now
  • Do you need any shots to travel from US to Jamaica
  • you can not go to jamaica any more without a passport
  • i am a permanent resident ( green card holder) in the united states, i am married to a US citizen. we are planning a trip to jamaica, what requirements do i need for entering jamaica and re-entry into the US?

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