Cruise passenger visa requirements
  • Does a passenger on a cruise ship travelling on a New Zealand passport need a Tunisian visitors visa if they do not go ashore in Tunis?
    Cruise begins in Barcelona and spends one day in port of Tunis.
  • Merv - if you do not go ashore you will not require a visa, however, Tunis is a wonderful city and you should take the opportunity to have a look especially at the old city and the souq. If you decide to visit you will need a visa and as a NZ passport holder you must have this before you arrive in Tunis. My understanding is that NZ must apply for a visa through the Tunisia Embassy in Japan. You can go to the website and download the forms and see all the documentation you will need.
  • Sometimes visa is not required.
    When you are visiting the port as part of an organised excursion you might not require a visa.
    You should check with your travel agent.
  • thankyou for your advice Lesley. It was most helpful
  • We've recently added a new article to this forum, dealing explicitly with Visa Requirements for Cruise Passengers. Please refer to it, as I hope it'll clear up any confusion you may be experiencing.
  • Hello .. I'm a Canadian & my friend holds a Costa Rican passport (but born in Equador). We are on an August cruise stopping into Tunisia for 6 hours .. will my friend need a visa & if so, will they just issue it onboard ship?
  • Rob F - the post above yours details a new article that you should have a look at. And thanks David!!!!!

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