Whats the best way to visit the Greek Islands??
  • I'm just in the decision stages of picking a holiday destination for this summer and Greek island hopping is one which has caught my attention. I think I would like to travel to Mykonos, Paros or Naxos and Santorini but I really don't know where to start in planning this Holiday! I have found packages on the internet for island hopping but Im wondering is it better to fly into Athens and make my own way around the islands? I also need some help in judging how much a holiday like this costs... how much is standard accomodation, food and travel expenses once I get to Greece? Please HELP!! :) ....
  • Hi Jenny

    Why don't you consider a Greek & Turkey Islands Cruise?

    Our search engine allows you to pick the departure port, so here are 3 sets of search results of cruises departing Marmaris, Turkey on board Thomson Celebration, Heraklion, Crete on board Ocean Village and Piraeus, Greece on board several ships

    Choosing a cruise option means all your meals on board are included in the price, as is your accomodation and flights.

    if you're looking for more information about the region and island then Word Travels has several destinaion guides which probably answer your questions

    give one of our sales reps a call on 0800 840 9683 if you're interested.

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