Is it possible to get a job in Colombia?
  • How easy is it to get a job in Colombia, are teaching jobs available for Americans teaching english?
  • I'm in Medellin Colombia now and is a great place to vist. My experience people are very friendly but if you looking to speak english it may be a bit tougher. The hotels and big business generally have bi-lingual staff but otherwise you pretty much have to 'wing it' . You would need to speak the language if to get a job here. Overall I have fallen in love with this country and am seriously considering to relocate.... Hope this helps.
  • To get a job in Colombia is as easy as to get a job in USA these days. You'll have to compete with very smart and well educated professionals, some of them with more than one master degrees. Besides, you must be completely bilingual.
    However, the salaries are extremely low if you compare them to the USA's or European countries... but life is much cheaper too.

    I guess it all depends on what type of job you are seeking.

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