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  • Hi there,

    just wondering if anybody can help me out from their own experience. I'm planning to go to brazil in august for a about a year as my wife is pregnant there at the moment. I'm irish but would be hoping to get in with no return ticket yet as i don't know when i when i will be leaving. Would they be likely to grant me access if i have my marriage certificate from ireland?
  • Hi nonactio,
    If you need to enter Brasil without a return ticket there are a couple of options. First as I have done on a couple of my visits, just brazen it out and hope they don't ask you about a return ticket. The other is a bit more of a ball-ache, fly into Uraguay, Montevideo, catch an overnight Bus from there to Sao Paulo, you pass through the border at Chui without any problem at all.
  • hi ...
    just want to know if i can go to brazil with philippine passport..

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