Visa and currency in Tunisia
  • Is it easy to get a visa for Tunisia when you arrive there and what is the cost, and what is the best currency to take.
  • Click here for Tunisia visa info from Wordtravels.
  • Missdebsta - it will depend on your passport as to whether you can purchase your visa on arrival. If you are coming from either the US or UK you can enter Tunisia visa free. If you let me know where you are travelling from I can answer in more detail. Best currency - Euro, British Pounds or US.........again, depends on your home country.
  • Hi, sorry I am from Australia and it seems going to Morocco and Tunisia in the hottest time late July early August. Is the local currency the easiest currency to use......cheers
  • australian pports can get a visa on arrival at the airport, but expect to wait a while for them to issue it (lazy officers). when i say a while ive waited over 1.5 hrs for them to issue the visa. that was a few yrs back, this time i went with my tunisian hubby it was different and visa was issued in 30 mins. also noticed that they have a waiting room for those waiting for visas - a nice and welcome addition to the otherwise very boring tunis airport. last time i went was in dec and it cost about 30 or 40 dinars for the visa (a huge amount compared to the past, i.e. around 5 yrs ago it cost just 3dinar!)
  • for the visa they only accept tunisian dinar. the first time i went they let me thru to the currency changers to get money to buy the visa as i only had foreign currency (an officer followed me at all times). they gave me a bad rate at the airport but at elast u can get your visa. cant get dinar in australia or asia...not sure at europe. havent seen them selling it at any airport so i always keep some dinar for my next visa.

    best currency to use is tunisian dinar, you can change money everywhere - i suggest the post office as they give better rates than the banks and are easy to find and are good. but always be careful and count the money you get when changing. i suggest bring euro - everything european is the "best" for every tunisian so they orefer euros to us dollar (but dont know if thats changed over the last mth with the falling euro). but in reality its easy to change euro and us dollar, even pounds and canadian dollars are ok. never seen aussie $$ anywhere so i would recommend bringing some foreign curency.
  • thanks BigBurp!! You are correct, Australian passport holders can obtain their visa on arrival at the airport. It will cost TD35.000 for 30 days. TD is a closed currency and it is illegal to take it out of the country, therefore you can't buy it or exchange it outside Tunisia. The procedure is exactly as bigburp has described. They will keep your passport at the visa window while you go through customs into the arrivals hall and change some money. Make sure you get the exact money as at the visa counter they will tell you they do not have any change!! they do but it's a good perk for them - take TD40 and keep the 5.000!!! Yes, it can take a while to get it issued, especially if they are busy but before I had my residency I used to give them the TD40 and I would have my visa within minutes!! You can bring either GBP, Euros or US$ depending on where you get your better ex rate.
  • Oh and I forgot - It is extremely hot in Morocco and Tunisia in July and August and Ramadan this year starts on 10 or 11 August for 30 days. If you were wanting to go into the dessert areas then it can be quite extreme heat wise. but if you dress correctly, take the precautions advised and listen to your guide then it will be fine.
  • hey, im an aussie too. i was wondering if there is any documentation i should take to make it faster? and do i need to take some passport photos and a copy of my passport too? thanks!
  • Hey Rossco! Not many of 'us' in this part of the world.........welcome to Tunisie. You can't make it any faster - sorry!! If you come in during the day there are 2 ladies who do the visas so maybe some sweet smiles and compliments will get you through faster. If you come during the night then men are usually there and they are very quick. You don't need photos or copies of your passport but these are always handy in case of emergencies.

    I hope you will enjoy my Tunisie
  • Hi Guys!
    I'm off to Hammamet in 21 days with my Husband and Son (4)! Yey!
    Can someone tell me how much I can expect to pay for the Acqua Park, Friguia Park and the Arabian Feast through Thomas Cook? We are going AI and want to take enough money to go on the trips also.
    Have brilliant holidays guys.

    p.s. Any reviews of Dar Khayam?
  • Hi lollypop - wouldn't Thomas Cook be able to answer these questions for you? If you were wanting to do these things under your own steam then many of the travel agents in Hammamet can organise this for you. the Dar Khayam is a popular hotel in Hammamet. I hope you will enjoy your trip
  • hi gays! does anyone know if u need a visa to travel to tunisia, from the uk on a ukrainian passport
  • Olga - you will need to purchase your visa before you travel. It doesn't matter where you are coming from you need a visa prior to arrival.
  • Hi My husband and I are going to tunisia this week for a 1 week holiday never been before late booking we are british and live in the uk do we need a visa for tunisia?
  • Hi Cazzac,

    If you are both travelling on your British passports then you don't need a visa. I hope you will have a wonderful week with us and enjoy yourselves
  • Hi
    My mum and dad (both pensioners) are going to Tunisia over Christmas and New Year and we wanted to give them some money to spend as their Christmas present. What is the best currency for me to get for them?
  • Hi Pam,

    Oh what a lovely daughter you are............the best currencies are UK or Euro but check the ex rates first as to what the better deal is.

    I do hope they enjoy their time here.
  • Hello

    I'm Georgian citizen and i'm going to travell tunisa end of february for 10 days.

    Can i get visa in airport and how much it will cost?


  • Anna - if you are travelling on your Georgian passport then you need a visa before you come to Tunisia. You need to contact the closest Tunisian embassy and arrange it with them before you get here! You may also need to travel with a recognised tour company who can organise this for you. I'm not sure of the requirements for Georgians but the correct information will be given to you by the embassy
  • HI, I am filipino and a multiple entry visa holder in the US. I am here in washington DC now, it is possible that i can get tourist visa to Trinidad and Tobago or in Canada?
  • hi, i'm a nigerian going on a meditterean cruise which starts from barcelona and stops in barcelona. it also stops in france, italy n tunisia. now i have a valid shengen visa which alows me to all d shengen countries involved, but unfortunately i dont have a tunisian visa and it is not possible for me to get it in the time i have available left before i go on this cruise because the closest tunisian embassy to me is in london, i reside in ireland n need a visa to go to uk. my question is must i have a tunisian transit visa in order to proceed on this holiday? if i do decide not to tour tunisia during the stop over but to remain on board,whats d law? will i still require a transit visa to remain on borad. since i have a visa to my final destination, will they insist on having a tunis transit visa and if so can i get one on board or at d port?
  • Uju - I have replied to your email but it bounces back. I have cut and pasted for you:

    Well I am sorry to tell you this, but in order for you to disembark at the port in Tunisia you must have a visa. So I am sorry but unless you can organise this then you must stay on the ship when you arrive. You also cannot have a transit visa, as travelling on a Nigerian passport this must also be obtained before you arrive. You do not need a Tunisian visa to board the ship as you will not be getting off in Tunis.

    Your friend may be able to get a visa in America, it does not matter that she is not in her country of usual residence. She should contact the Tunisian embassy who will be able to assist her.

    Once the ship berths in Tunis there will be attendance by the immigration officers and it may be that if you are sweet with them they may allow you a transit visa to disembark, however I can't guarantee this.

    I am so sorry that I can't be of assistance in some way for you, but I hope that your cruise will be enjoyable and I hope that if you choose to come back to Tunisia in the future we will be able to show you this wonderful country.
  • Hi
    I plan to take a summer cruise in mediterranean, including Tunis.
    As holder of georgian passport, do I require visa to get ashore in Tunis?
    (Hope that everything will be quiet by then)
  • Stephan - you will need to get your visa before you arrive in tunis in order to disembark the ship. Please contact your nearest Tunisian embassy who will supply you with the information and requirements you need in order to get your visa.

    Inchallah that all will be fine when you arrive.
  • I am a Nigeria resident in Sudan. I will be traveling to Algeria for a 2 week oilfield job and back to Sudan. If I chose to take a flight to Tunis and onward to Algiers, do I need a transit VISA for Tunis? I have no plans to get off the airport.........just wait & board my next flight.

  • Chuks, if you are using your Algerian passport you do not have to have a visa to enter Tunisia, so you will be fine to transit through the airport
  • What are the requirements for a visa to Tunisia? What do I need to show them? What are they looking for?
    Is it hard to get, like a visa to the U.S.?
    I am a Mexican citizen planning on visiting a friend in Tunis for 4 weeks.
  • Lauraba - I presume that you will travel on your Mexican passport? If so you need to apply to the nearest Tunisian Embassy and get your visa before you travel!! If you arrive without a visa you may be denied entry and deported. The local embassy will be able to provide all the necessary information you need in order to get your visa. Basic requirements are normally passport, birth certificate etc. Please remember to have your passport before you arrive in Tunisia
  • hey so im an australian citizen and obviously i hold and australian passport .. i was wondering do i need to get a visa before i go to tunisia for a weeks holiday or can i buy on at the airport ?? please wb asap !!!
    thanks in advanced !
  • Hi Little Red, as an Australian passport holder, you can get a visa on arrival in Tunisia, PROVIDED THAT you have confirmed onward/return air tickets out of the country.

    Happy trails!
  • Do you know how long it takes for visas to be issued by the Tunisian Embassy London? I am travelling on the 29th of May and i just realised i needed a visa.Do you know by any chance if they have any premium service for quicker visas?
  • Little Red - you can buy your visa on arrival and if you are coming for only 7 days then it will cost TND10.000 longer than that up to 30 days costs TND35.000 and you do not have to show confirmed or onward travel tickets. However, the Dinar is a closed currency and you cannot get it out of the country and the visa counter only accepts dinar, so they will take your passport, allow you to pass through immigration into the arrivals hall where you can change cash or withdraw from atm. Make sure you have the exact change as they can never 'find' change for you!!! It can take a little while so you need to keep popping your head into the window to find out where your visa is. I hope you have a great time here in Tunisie!!
  • Gejsi - I am sure they will have a premium service however, if you are travelling on a British passport you do not need a will be given 3 months visa free! However, if you are another nationality you should check with the Tunisian embassy for exact requirements.
  • Hi Lollipop: The dar khayam Hotel is Brilliant, for all ages. the animation team have been there a long time and are so friendly and helpful, also entertainment is on day and night, food is great too!

  • Hi. I'll be visiting Tunisia next week. I have a South African passport, is it possible to aquire a visa on arrival?

    Best regards,

  • Rob - you can get your visa on arrival at the airport
  • I have Kenyan Passport, do I need to apply for Visa before I travel or can I get it on Arrival at the Airport
  • @Jay: Unfortunately, you'll have to organise a tourist visa BEFORE arriving in Tunisia, Jay. Get in touch with your local Tunisian embassy to find out what forms and documents you'll need.
  • Iam zimbabwean holding a United Kingdom Travel Document and iam going to tunisia and just found out i need a visa can i obtain one on entry.please reply asap
    thanks in advance
  • @imii: Hello. What do you mean by "United Kingdom Travel Document?" If you are referring to a British PASSPORT, then you don't require a visa for stays of up to 3 months in Tunisia. However, if you are referring to a British VISA (i.e. you have a Zimbabwean passport), then you WILL require a visa to enter Tunisia. Unfortunately, you will have to organise this visa BEFORE you arrive in Tunisia -- you can't get it on arrival.

    Hope this helps!
  • Hello

    I am citizen of Republic Georgia and I am going to travel Tunis next month for 1 month to visit friend as tourist.
    Can I get visa on arrival in airport?

    Thank you

  • Maka - if you are travelling on your Georgian passport then you MUST have your visa before you arrive. You should get in touch with your nearest Tunisian embassy for this and to get the information you need in regard to documentation.
  • Lesley
    As I found if I will have hotel booking I can get visa in Tunisan airport on arrival ..
  • i ,as an Taiwaness passport holder, want to travel in Tunisia on Dec. 2011.Can i get VIsa when i arrive?
  • Guest - as a Taiwan passport holder you will need a visa before you arrive. This is the advice I have however you should check with your nearest Tunisian embassy for up to the minute information
  • hi al travelling to tunisia next week and am wondering to get into the country do u just need ur passport? mine a uk one. do u need show proof of medical or travel insuance and also will they let u in if u have court conviction got fined some money back 10 years ago. please help thxs
  • cheeks - of course you need a passport!! All countries require those entering to have passports or travel documents of some sort. As you are travelling on a UK passport you will be given entry visa free for up to 3 months. You do not need to show proof of anything but you should have at least some travel insurance in case your luggage goes missing or you are sick and need medical services. Like other countries, Tunisia has a computerised system for entry and if your conviction is registered they may question you but I doubt it. Should be fine.
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    Regards, Dave (Admin)
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