Visa and currency in Tunisia
  • Hi there, I'm a South African passport holder and would like to go to Tunisia in around 3 weeks time for a holiday. After reading your posts I decided to call the Tunisian Embassy in London (as I live here) to make doubly sure I would be able to get a visa on arrival and was told that I would need to apply for a visa before I arrive and it takes 2 weeks to process. When I asked how long ago this had changed I was told around 2 years ago. Please can someone clarify, I am very confused as EVERYTHING I have read on the net says I can get a visa on arrival. Thanks so much.
  • @Judi - South African nationals get a visa on arrival in Tunisia. See our visa page for more info:

    Are still a RSA citizen with a ZA passport? If so, you get your visa for 3 dinars when going through immigration.
  • Judi - the latest information I have is that you must have a visa prior to arrival. Right now we are having a lot of things changing including visas, immigration, customs etc, so in order to ensure that you are granted entry I would definitely get your visa before you arrive
  • Hi,I have confernce presentation in Tunisia..But still i could not get the visa from the embassy..Confernce Mangement told me that we will provide you visa at tunis air port.They said for sure You ll get visa from the airport if you are having our accptance /invitation letter with you on the air port and no matter about your nationality.I have concern that Can i fly without visa from UAE as I am a national of Pakistan and having a residence visa of UAE?Please guide accordingly.
  • Tassawer - this is information from Immigration Tunisia : unless you have the below I'm afraid that you will need to have a visa prior to your arrival:

    "For a stay up to 3 months by holders of diplomatic or special passports issued to nationals of Belgium, Benin, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Pakistan & Thailand"

    It doesn't matter where you live, what residencies you may have it depends on the passport you travel with.
  • I'm South African, but im living in belgium and i gave an belgium ID card...if i was to travel to Tunisia should i need a visa? And if so how much does it cost and can i get a visa after arrival in Tunisia ?
  • Sammy - yes you will need a visa. You need to have this prior to your arrival, however you can check the Tunisia embassy website for up to date information. I'm not sure of the costs however as an indication 30 days is usually around TND35.000
  • hi i'm from Mexico & i want to stay in Tunisia 1 month so may i know if i need Visa or no?? please help!!
  • hey i'm from Mexico too n i wanna stay in july n i'm confused if i need the visa or no .....but also i wanna if i could get it when i arrive in airport or before travel ???????? help help help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Roberto and Mexican passport holders you must have a visa prior to arrival into Tunis. Please contact your nearest Tunisian embassy for information about applying and the cost.
  • Hi, I'm off to Tunisia next week, do i need a visa from England and which is the best currency to take? thankyou.
  • Hello, I am Indonesian passport holder and currently also hold Netherlands Permanent Resident, do I need visa for short vacation (1 week) in Tunusia? many thanks for the answer
  • Hi.

    My girlfriend and I want to go to Tunisia. I am a danish citizen, but she is an ukranian citizen living and working in Denmark. She has a danish work permit but ukranian passport.

    Do we both need visa to go into Tunisia?
  • Hi guys, have a look at the guide to Tunisia - particularly the Tunisia Visa and Passport page.

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