Jabs needed for Tunisia?
  • Travelling to Tunisia in July from the UK- any jabs (vaccinations) I should look at getting before hand?
  • Joanne - you do not need any vaccinations to visit Tunisia.

    I hope you enjoy your holiday
  • I appreciate that as an adult i need no innoculations but i am travelling with my 2 year old daughter, does she need any?
  • Hi Judy, as long as your daughter is current with vaccinations she does not need any special innoculations to visit Tunisie
  • Thanks for the feedback Lesley. She is so i can sleep easy now.
  • Judy that's great - welcome to beautiful Tunisie and i wish you a wonderful holiday
  • hi me and my son age 6+daughter age 9,and my friend and her 2 15year old daughters are going 2 skanes/tunisia,do we need jags??could you please reply asap,thanks
  • marzbar - I'm guessing that you meant jabs as in innoculations? If that is so, then the answer is no, you do not need any vaccinations to visit Tunisia
  • Hi,

    I am off to Tunisia with my girlfriend and my 15 month old daughter.
    I have been looking on other sites and they are telling me I need Heb A, Heb B, Typhiod, Tetanus, Rabies and Yellow Fever but the above comments say I need nothing.

    How can I know what is correct?
  • Milky - you do not need any vaccinations to enter Tunisia. We do not have any notifyable diseases, however, it is always wise to have vaccinations before travelling anywhere especially when you have a small child. Just so you know - this is not a yellow fever area.

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