Departure Tax from Tunisia
  • Could you please advise if there is a departure tax from Monastir airport
  • Jean - there is not departure tax from any of the Tunisian airports for tourists or those holding foreign passports
  • Lesley - I have found several reports that there is a 45 dinar departure tax from Tunis-Carthage airport. Do you have any definite answer on that?
  • Hi David - I am certainly not aware of this. Only Residents and Tunisian passport holders must pay a 'departure' tax and that is TND60.000. I am flying next week and will check with the douane at the airport.
  • Although having just said that we don't pay a departure tax if we are going to any of the other Maghreb countries so that's a bonus for us LOL!!!
  • An update on departure tax for tourists/foreigners..............I have asked the douane (customs) at the airport in Tunis if there is a new departure tax for the above. The answer was NO!! So you are all lucky you don't need to pay anything on departure. You may be confused with a stamp of TND60.000 that citizens and residents need to pay on departure.
  • Tunisian or not a Tunisian (National) it does not matter, if you are a Tunisian resident or you have reside more than 6 months you have to pay a tax departure upon departure from the airport, if you have been into Tunisia for a less than 6 months you are exempt from paying this tax! It is a tax on resident of Tunisia, that does not concern visitors who are not staying more than 6 months (for that purpose if you are not a Tunisian National you have to have a residency permit to be applied for from a police precinct, and the latest fee of the tax departure is 60 dinars! = $45 US)
  • I read somewhere that you had to pay an arrival tax per person , does anyone know if this is true and if so how much.?
  • cos81 - there is no arrival tax into Tunisia and the only thing you have to pay when you enter is for a visa if you need one.

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