Planning my own Thailand tour
  • Looking for contacts for engaging local private bus/coach transport for 5 days' local sightseeing in Bangkok & Pattaya and Airport pick up-drop for a group of about 25 family members. Also a few good hotel details with reasonable tariff.
  • Hi there, Bangkok is the Thailand's entry point for international tourists and so, it's a hub of transportation. It's easy to get bus services around the airport. That's what I've heard from my friends who have been there several times. Have a good trip!
  • Hey Kaibajoe, Are u from Bangkok ? i am willing to book my hotel rooms and local travel arrangements in advance, since we will be travelling in a group of 25/30 people and for this reason looking out for a few contact of Thai Tour Operators. Anyone ?
  • My uncle has just got back home from Thailand. His family had a wonderful trip to Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket during 2 weeks. They didn't stay at any hotel but in their friends' house. But, they got great tour services.
  • hey it's a surprise, @ hanajoe: you and I have the same name "joe" ha ha, nice to meet you.
    @nawathesuhas: no, I'm not from Thailand. The information I got from my friend.
  • hi,kaibajoe.Nice to meet you. How surprised it is!!hihi.But hanajoe is my nickname only.hihi.

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