2 females in Tunisia
  • Hi, My Husband and myself have been to Tunisia twice before and loved it both times, I am thinking of going back next month with my daughter and wondered if being 2 females we would get more harrassed than a couple, and would our safety be ok we are looking to go back to Port el Kantaoui. staying at hotel Kanta.
    I would appreciate any feed back as it is a good 7 years since i last went.
  • Hi Kassie,

    I'm glad you have enjoyed your vacations here and welcome back!!! PEK is a purpose built tourist area so you are fairly well protected from harrassment. Yes, you will be safe - there is little crime here in Tunisia and it is not usually directed at foreigners. It will depend on how old your daughter is as to the attention you may both attract. If she is a child then I doubt you will be approached, however, I always advise to either ignore any unwanted attention, they give up quickly or use humour to divert.......works for me!

    I hope you decide to come back and enjoy some time in our summer sun
  • Many thanks for your reply Lesley, My daughter is 34yrs old so not a child, and yes we are comming back all booked up for the 11th July we cant wait
  • Hey Kassie - that's great!! then I suggest you both ignore or use that humour!! It's very hot at that time of the year so you'll get a tan and I hope you will have a wonderful holiday
  • Great me too i'm goin there this 11th of july... Bri'ish airways is gettin money innit :p I can't wait :P london sucks these days
  • Well you can forget London and come and enjoy some sun and fun here in Tune
  • wouldn't know about british airways not flying with them, enjoy your stay lord
  • thank you kassie you too :).... the problem is to not find ppl from the uk around ;).... only Russians lolll Kalashnikov rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrussski lollll

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