What's the nightlife like in Durban?
  • I'm going to be visiting South Africa with a friend in September, and we wanted to take a trip to Durban to go surfing. But are there any good clubs or bars there? What's the club scene like?
  • i'm curius 2... i'm staying n joburg 4 da world cup but its so cold here i mebbe wanna chek out da beach if there's stuff 2 do there.
  • South Africa has everything that you need just go and have fun.
  • Your best bet is to head to Florida Road, which has a large concentration of bars, clubs and restaurants. You won't find lively nightlife every night of the week, but there's always something to do, and weekends are fun! The best club for electronic music is Origin, in Umbilo, and for concerts check out Live.

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