Advice on what areas to stay in for a 2 week visit to Tunisia
  • I am going to Tunisia for the first time on a 2 week holiday. I would like some advice on where best to stay for a week on the coast to get nice beaches, good food and interesting local places to go out to in the evenings for drinks/markets/strolls etc. And for the 2nd week we want to move around a bit and see some other sights.
    I have read a lot about Tunis and Hammamet - which would be nicer to stay at for the week?
    Also, any restaurant recommendations would be great!!
    Many thanks
  • Hi there Gemma,

    Tunis is our capital but I can't really recommend this as a beach holiday, it's crowded, loud but does have lots to do and see however, Hammamet is a very lively but touristique area with lots to see and do. I can also recommend Sousse which is not far away but has a fantastic medina. If you are looking for gorgeous beaches then take a look at Nabeul or Mahdia. Wherever you see Tunisians eating is good!!

    I hope you will enjoy your vacation here
  • I'm Sammy from the United Kingdom and i'm going to Tunisia also for my 5th times ... i would like to know if the rent in Hammamet yasmine still between (35DT and 60 DT) thank you
  • Sammy - do you mean a hotel night rate or do you mean an apartment rate?
  • Yeap sure For an appartement.... my reservation is already done in NAHRAWESS HOTEL situated in the north of hammamet from (1st Aug 2010 till 10 aug 2010) but i just wanna be there before .. .to have more fun..
    well, I want to rent a house before gettin to the NAHRAWESS HOTEL .... You got me now?

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