Is it safe to go to Egypt?
  • Is it safe to go to Egypt now considering that there is a war between Israel and Palestine? Will the war affect the tourism of Egypt?

  • in the current situation Egypt will not interfere with what is happening, I wouldn't recommend going to north east corner of Egypt which is close to the heat.

    so to sum up, now it is safe but of course you never know what the situation might evolve to.
  • Im planning to go to Cairo in April to take my grandfather for his 80th birthday but I am worried about whats going on in Israel and the Palestinians. Anyone have any recommendations? Im thinking of an alternative destination but we really were looking forward to going to Cairo.
  • I consider Egypt to be a safe destination, even in the current climate. There is no evidence or even threats of violence toward westerners based on the israeli-palestinian conflict. Egypt is also very good value at the moments as tourist numbers have decreased due to the global economic crisis. My vote: go to Cairo and have a great time.
  • We are thinking of going to Taba from husband is English. On the UK site they say security threat is High?!! what do you make of that?
  • It's all relative really: do you intend on backpacking around in remote places, or hitting a resort and relaxing? If the latter, you are realistically very safe indeed. The UK foreign office is obliged to warn people where there have been previous incidents, or some evidence of fanatics operating and issuing threats. In reality these incidents are very isolated and unusual. Statistically you are safer in Egpyt than walking around a European city at night.
  • May 17 year old son and a school colleague want to go to Egypt for 14 days in July on a PADI diving course etc. Would you recommend them going bearing in mind the current hostilities and their age?
  • We are going to Egypt Taba and want to visit Israel as British Citizens, will the border be open, between Taba Israel?
  • I have a job offer in Cairo, im also a bit scared about the conflict happening in the neighboring countries.
    Is it safe to go??
  • Listen up: Egypt is safe. What;s going down between Israel and Hamas is just the same old, same old conflict as the past 20 years. Egypt is not a moslem country; the government is secular, and they hate the fundamentalists as much as the west does. Westerners are welcome and liked in Egypt. Sure, its not as safe as staying in your familiar western environment, but life as about living not huddling down behind a white picket fance. So go live in Egypt, and enjoy the adventure.
  • i am going to taba in may with my partner and 2 yr old daughter and was just wandering your thoughts on saftey as with my 2 yr old im obviosly causious
  • guys, Egypt is safe, specially to work and live in Cairo, so I suggest the person with the job offer to go for it.
  • Hi lizi i recommaded to your kids to go to sharm its saftey to get diving course but firstly they must insure that with official diving centre if you need any help you can mail me on my .
  • Hi,Pls let me know the best season to go to Egypt and the places to visit.I'll be going with my hubby & 6 yr old son
  • Hi Ana Iam not expert but i visit Egypt several times so i prefer may because the prices is fine and weather is sunny & not hot while i didnot like Egypt at summer its so hot, i will recommanded for you my travel agent Champion tours Egypt they will advice you with all requires you can mail "" Maria
  • Does anyone know if mental health services are availabe outside of the hospital setting in Cairo? Any psychologists or therapists in private practice or even clinics will do? Does anyone have resources or directories? I've been looking for a while with no results. Thanks in advance!
  • I would not let my 17 year old son go to Egypt for a diving course. There are plenty of other places to do something like that; not sure where you are from, but why not take the course in your country? Or, go with him! The thought of sending my minor son with a friend to another way!
  • Egypt is a safe destination for the westerns to spend their holidays & has no relations which what happens in Israel. We, Egyptians, don't take sides or interfer in the conflicts. that is concerning safety in Egypt. We guarantee it.
    As for your posts concerning some package trips in Egypt, I can help you as I work for a travel agent. For my assistance, contact me at
  • Proves how much you all knew then, after Sunday's Cairo blast.
    I'm going to Hurghada and Luxor in couple weeks. Will that be safe, who knows?
  • Jade - you are right, no-one knows for certain. However - and this is a plain fact - you are always at more danger driving to work in the morning that getting injured in a terrorist attack. Look at the stats of car accidents vs. terrorist attacks.

    I would not feel in danger still, despite this isolated attack. In fact, I am quite happy because prices will go down in Cairo ,and hotels and transport will cost 20-40% less due to reduced demand!
  • I am going to Egypt the end of April into May. Plan to travel to the Sinai Peninsula to St. Catherines and also to some smaller towns around Luxor in the south. Are there any safety concerns in these areas?

  • Egypt is beast. Yes I would concider going to egypt, it is a beautifull it has many resorts, so please go to egypt
  • Again egypt is the most beautifull places you will ever go. Dont believe for a second it is a bad place, so please take my advice and go to egypt and have a great time.
  • im goin to egypt in june this year and im really weary of the terrorist attacks.
    whats goin on at the moment? is it safe to go?
    also can someone please tell me what nasty creatures they have there.
    im really exited to go but am quite worried. help please.
  • Don't worry at all, Bek. Egypt is safe & the terrorist attacks are rare to happen. Though I advise you to come through a travel agent to be accompanied most of the time by a tour leader, not to guaratee safety as I assure Egypt is safe ,but to enjoy alot with a knowledgable & frienly someone.
  • thank you for you advise. it has helped me alot.
    by the way do you have any infomation on sharm el sheikh?
    also are there any tattoo studios in sharm or near there?
    thank you.
  • Of course Bek. I can provide you of the detailed information about sharm el sheikh & the activities made there ; snorkelling, diving, desert safari, bedouin dinner, sound and light & if you like for other excursions to St. Catherine or Dahab,....etc. I think there are people for drawing tattoo.
  • thank you very much.
    yes please can i have some detailed infomation if possible.
  • Some excursions can be made in sharm el sheikh like:-
    1/ Bedouin Dinner & Camel Ride trip.
    Join for a camel ride to be away from the modern noisy life and enjoy with the primitive quiet life, you should try the Bedouin dinner camel trip. We'll bring you to Sinai desert, where the Bedouin boys will be waiting for you with their camels. They will lead you, on the camel back, to their tent where you will be close to their primitive life, to taste a real delicious Bedouin dinner, to drink their sweet tea with herbs, under the sky full of stars.
    2/Overday Snorkililing at Ras Mohammed.
    Morning at 07:00 am one of our representative will pick you up from your hotel to Ras Mohammed & from there take boat to explore the area & pack at 16:00.
  • Continuing with Bek,
    Other sharm el sheikh excursions:-
    3/Colored Canyon : 06.30 A.M - 18.30.
    Jeep Safari Ride, A Trip Of 02 Hours Driving Till You Reach The Colored Canyon, Then You Shall Leave The Jeep And Start walking In The Canyon For 02 Hours & Half, Later You Shall Meet The Jeep Again & Then Drive to Nuweiba For Lunch.After Lunch Driving Back To Sharm Passing By One Oasis In Order To Have An Idea About The Bedouin Lifestyle.
    4/St. Catherine Monastery
    At 01.00 AM, Climb Up Mt Sinai (7,500 feet to the top), Where Moses Received the Ten Commandments. For The More Energetic, We Will Arrange For a Bedouin Guide To Accompany You.Enjoy Sunrise On The Top Of The Mountain.In The Early Morning, Climb Down The Mountain.At 09.00 AM, Visit St. Catherine's Monastery dating back to AD 527, with it's library of rare manuscripts, the Basilica filled with ancient works of art, the Chapel of the Burning Bush built 100 years earlier on the site of the Burning Bush. A place of enchantment as it was called in ancient times.Natural fountains and waterfalls can be found all over the place in St. Catherine's.
  • yo soy ana rodriguez soy de mexico. Es muy seguro q las mujeres vaijen solas a Egipto. La gente en Egipto es muy amable y ayuda todos los extranjeros. Acabo de regresar de Egipto la semana pasada. Pase una semana en Egipto de vacaciones viendo todo de Egipto: El Cairo , Giza, Luxor y Aswan en el crucero en el Rio Nilo. Fue una semana fenomena maravillosa. La persona q me toco mas y ayudo en Egipto fue mi guia q se llama Mimo q el que me acompanaba todos los dias en todos los lugares explicando a mi la historia de ese pais tan enorme y fantastico con toda la cultura q tiene de varias cosas y varias eras historicas arreglando todos los temas como un cuento asi nunca se olvida los cuentos .Es muy amigable me trato como una amiga no como una cliente. Por eso yo de mi parte recomiendo cualquier persona quiere visitar ese pais tan magico q trate con mimo y aqui dejo y pongo su correo por si acaso alguien quiere hablar con el y preguntarle sobre cualquier cosa y para que este en contacto directo con el . buena suerte ciao...
  • thank you for all of the excursions you have gave me many ideas,
    thanks for your help.
  • Hie I am a ZImbabwean National an plan to travel to Egypt in August with my boyfriend. Do we require visas to enter and how much? Which areas would you recommend harma el Sheik or RAs Sudr
  • I have been to Sharm the last 2 years and I am going back to Hurgada this year. I felt safer there in my resort than I did in Turkey. Have a wonderful holiday Temp in June are up to 30 so go before this if you do not like it too hot
  • me and my partner have just arrived back from Sharm el Sheikh. Athough you do get pestered a lot by the locals, it is a safe place and the people are very accomodating as they want you to be there for their survival!
    For holiday resorts I would recommend the Coral Sea Resort in Nabq Bay, was awesome :)
    If you only plan on staying around Sharm and not doing very many trips then you do not need a visa. However if you want to visit Cairo, Luxor, Giza, Tiran Island, Ras Mohammed - (diving) or any other places then visa's are required. Either from your travel agent, or you are able to purchase one at the airport.
  • I am a Westerner living in Egypt since December of '08. It is perfectly safe to come here. I would be more worried about the crazy taxi rides than the conflict in Israel. Sharm el-Sheikh, as well as, Taba are safe. Rafah is the only area I would advise against. The diving here is simply incredible and can not be beat anywhere else...
  • hi I'm planning on returning to alexandria next month and just wanting to check if anyone knows of any problems I should be aware of for a british female traveling alone in July?
  • Hey Jaz!

    I am from Alexandria, faculty of medicine.
    I wanted to say that There is no problems, it is completely safe. People of Alexandria are great and Polite. the only thing I wanna u take care of is << don't buy anything alone >> I mean things that have no advertised prices , it is better to take a local friend from Alexandria.

    Hope u will enjoy ur time.

    If u need any help, please contact me on mail or messenger, . also if u need any information about Alexandria.

    Take Care . See u
  • That's great ,thanks for the reassurance :] I agree that the people of Alexandria are great and am looking forward to returning . Oh just one thing are there any problems at the airports now with regards to swine flu ...
    my Egyptian friend seems to think there are extra checks by a doctor as we arrive .... i
    s this true?

    Thanks Jazz
  • Hey Jazz,

    Hope u r doing well all the time.

    To be honest, I don't know about what is happening in airports but I read the local newspaper and I found it is Easy, There is no problems at all.

    Look, this is a link of an arabic page, don't look at words , the page contains a video, in this video u will see what is happening in airports concerning swine flu, I see it is easy, u just pass in front of screen and they will check. That's all. No real problems. and they said that there is no delay at all, it takes 10 seconds, that's all. too simple :).

    Hope u will enjoy ur time.

    My mail is still above if u need anything, don't hesitate.

    Do me a favour and take care of urself plz.

    See u
  • Hi
    Just booked a holiday to Hurghada. Do i need a visa or anything other than a passport?

  • Hi. you will need to get the entry visa in Hurghada Airport for 15.00 USD Per Person.
  • We have just booked to go on a 2 week holiday to sharks bay Sharm in August 2010, are we in any kind of danger from terrorists as i've just seen on sky news an article staying away from the Sinai beach area.
  • To all friends
    Egypt is the country's security and safety
    If you need any help do not hesitate to contact
    Each year, which received many Asedktiy from around the world
    Where I have been working in the area of legal practice and reputation of excellent and well-RPR
    In the event of arrival can contact me on the phone's personal 0102524620
    Medhat Abdel-Rahman

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