SE Asia boats and ferries
  • Hi! I was wondering if you know how to book boats/ferries around South East
    I have a client who's flying to Singapore for business then needs to get to
    Brunei, then from Brunei to Denpaser then from Denpaser back to Singapore
    to fly out.
    Even if you know of a cheap website to book flights that would also be
    very useful. Thanks:)
  • Hi Megan

    There's no hard and fast rule for booking a boat or ferry anywhere in South
    East Asia and the specific locations would have to be fleshed out. It would
    be extremely difficult for your client to co-ordinate ferries between the
    locations you mentioned below.

    It is probably best to book your flights using Garuda Indonesia Airlines,
    who will have all the smaller destinations listed and charter flights
    between them more frequently and cheaper.

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