The new airport in Dubai
  • Hi - has anyone been to the new airport in Dubai - what is it like? I may be there for a few hours next month - do they have shower facilities and good shopping?
  • no shower facilities but good shopping facilitites
  • The Emirates executive/business class lounge has got shower facilities, and sleeper beds, plus great food. You can pay for a day rate and access the facilities. The shopping at the airport is extensive, but prices are expensive compared to strip malls in Dubai itself, and even when compared to malls in Europe and US. Do not plan on finding many bargains.
  • I've heard rave reviews of the Irish pub in the Dubai Airport...probably the best place to spend a few hours. Also, have a look at the Wordtravels Dubai Airport Guide for more info.
  • Hi....How expensive is it to live in Dubia and what are conditions like compared to a N. American city?
  • caseyvand - check our award-winning Dubai expat guide from our sister site - it's got all the info you need...

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