Multiple Visa entry (tourist) for a UK passport holder
  • Im off to Eygpt in 3wks as a last minute holiday. My flights will consist of UK- Cairo- Jordan- Cairo- UK. On my first entry into Eygpt I will spend less than 14days travelling and will continue my onward flight into Jordan. On return to Cairo airport I will be merely in transit before I fly home. I will board my UK flight within less than 6hrs of landing in cairo. Will i need a multiple entry visa for Cairo and is it possible to arrange on my arrival to Eygpt. Im getting conflicting ideas from different people. Please help!!!
  • Lindsey - if you are only going to be in transit in Cairo, i.e. you will not leave the airport, then you will not need a visa. If you are a British passport holder you can get your visa on arrival at the Cairo airport
  • Thank you Lesley, thats exactly the confirmation I needed. I will ONLY be re-entering Cairo airport on return from Jordon. I have no intention of leaving Cairo airport during my second arrival.

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