vegetarian restaurants in sofia
  • are there any vegetarian places to eat in sofia? i'm going to visit in december and i don't want to be stuck eating bread rolls every time we go out to eat.
  • Hi Joss,

    Do worry about finding vegetarian dishes on most menus in Bulgaria. You will have a lot to choose from, especially the salads. December is not the best time of year for vegetarian dishes, but you will have a wide selection. There are also many speciality cheese and other dishes that are non-meat. Try "kashkavla pane" which is a fried white cheese. Chuska Burek is also nice (fried red pepper stuffed with serene (feta) or a cold soup - tarator (yorguhrt base with cucumber). My wife is Bulgarian and a vegetarian and I lived there for three years so you won't have any problems with the food.

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