Can a person with cert. of travel &indefininite leave to remain in the UK be refused visa in Turkey?
  • Hi Everyone,

    I have got my holidays booked to Turkey for 31//07 and i just found out that my bf who has got certificate of travel valid for 5 years and indefinite leave to remain in the UK should apply for a Visa before going to Turkey [i was not told about it by the travel agent despite mentioning my bf's status nor was I sent to turkish embassy to check it]. I was told that all we need is to have £10 each for a stamp visa in the airpoirt...

    I could not contact Turkish Embassy over the phone and all appintments slots up to August are taken, so we cannot apply for the consular visa!

    We are v upset and we do not want to loose our holiday!

    Can anyone tell me if my bf will be denied entry in Turkey or will he be able to get a visa on the airport?

    Is there anything we can do to apply for a consular visa despite of appointments dates being full?

  • Oooh just had a thought - try contacting the Embassy in Turkey to find out. Whereabouts in Turkey were you intending to visit?

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