How do I travel from Mahe, Seychelles to Praslin, Seychelles?
  • when traveling in the Seychelles how do we get between Islands.?
  • There are three ways to get from Mahe to Praslin: Air Seychelles has over two dozen flights per day linking the two airports; departures vary in frequency from 15 minute to 2 hour intervals. Cat Cocos is a high speed catamaran which does 3 roundtrips per day between Mahe and Praslin. It takes one hour. Finally, Helicopter Seychelles shuttles between the main islands as well as other charters - this is the quickest, most scenic and expensive way.
  • How do you go to Bird Island from Praslin Island for a day trip?
  • @David Do you need to prebook or you just show up at the air strip and pay then?
  • hmansoor - for all services, prebooking is essential!

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