Oludniz paragliding experience
  • My girlfriend and I have just come back from this resort. Whilst we were there, she decided to go paragliding with Easy Rider. She was picked up from the hotel by a minibus full of pilots. She was squashed in a corner for the hour long trip up the mountain, and groped by the pilot next to her.
    Pays your money, take your choice.
  • I hope you complained to the company that sold the paragliding to you.
  • Yes, we had to complain to our holiday Rep as we were going home. The company...Easy Rider, was a fair trek away. Blood boiling and not at all impressed, had time allowed, I would have visited the centre to register my views.
  • See if you can contact them by email to register your complaint and ask for a reply within 10 days. Who did you book the excursion through? If it was your travel rep then complain to the company.

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