Dubai transit visa
  • I am a South-African.Flying to dubai via johannesburg.Flying with Emirates.Do I need a transit visa to stay in Dubai airport for 4 hours.Thank you very much
  • I am Egyptian I have Egyptair ticket to Dubai. I want stay in Dubai 3 days then Going to India with Emirets airlines. What I do to take a trensit visa from Cairo? Thanks a lot,
  • @adorp - if you pass through immigration you do need a visa - even you re-enter for your next flight in 4 hours. If you remain within transit, no visa is required.
  • @Pharaoh - you need a Transit Visa which can be arranged arranged by Emirates Airline for its passengers or by Marhaba Services for those travelling on other airlines. Marhaba Services Tel: 00971 4 2162657; 2164629

    The transit visa only applies for those wanting to stay in UAE for between 8 and 96 hours.
  • Hello Adore
    As you have a hold only for 4 hrs and you are not going out in the city you don’t need any visa for your further journey. Enjoy roaming around the airport.

    Call us. :02084323472

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