st lucia visa
  • i am nigerian residing in nigeria.I will love to travel to st lucia in december on vacation.I dont know were i can get a st lucia visa.There is no st lucia embassy or consulate in Nigeria.Pls kindly assist me in getting a st lucia visa
  • you can get a visa to st lucia from a bloke called graham banks, look in the yellow pages he is in there under the name laird millar, hope you have a great vacation to st lucia. remember the island will leave a great lasting memory on you when you leave as you will never have smelt bare arses like it and probably never will again, after all there are bare arses then there are st lucia bare arses
  • I am a nigerian,i want to visit st.lucia for vacation soon,there is non of their embassy in nigeria,pls how can i get st.lucia visa in nigeria?

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