Visit Uzbekistan with Sairam Tourism Co
  • Hello,
    My name is Ilya, I want to invite you all who wish to visit Uzbekistan.
    And I believe that with its rich historical heritage and geographic conditions, Uzbekistan and Central Asian tourism market can offer great opportunities for your outbound travel business. And we Sairam Tourism Co can rightfully claim that we have the capacity to provide high level services with low budget to a large number of tourists visiting our region in any season of the year.
    We are proposing different tours in Uzbekistan and Central Asia:
    1. Architectural Gems of Eastern Renaissance
    2. The Roads of the Silk Caravans
    3. Following the footsteps of Alexander the Great
    4. Uzbekistan Wildlife Adventures
    5. Camel Trip
    6. Heli-ski
    7. Birdwatching
    8. Biking

    If you are interested, feel free to contact us at or call us at (+998 71) 233 74 11; 233 74 21 and we can send you the detailed information on each tour.

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