Declaration Fee Travelling from Ghana
  • hi can sume one tell me if sume leaving ghana to the uk sume tell me what declaration fee note because the one i have sume leaving ghana must have £5000 pounds on the to show immigration can sume tell if this righr
  • so sume one get back to me about this declaration fee note is
  • Please I am wishing to know that if I have a British Citizens Passport and holder and was working in Ghana and born in the UK. But I have a friend born in Australia working in Ghana but with a British Citizens Passport who wants to arrive in the UK. They all the required paperwork in place, cleared now by Ghana Immigration and has just got the very expensive Naturalisation Papers approved and supplied.

    But my Question is now Is there also an EXIT FEE needed for me or my colleague to leave Ghana to travel back to the UK and how much is it then?

    My Question: Is this EXIT FEE not the same thing if built into the cost of a flight ticket then please...Could you advise me. Name withheld.
  • Could you talk about all the details information of the "Declaration Fee Note" by the Government of Ghana, Ghana Immigration Service, Accra ?

    Cordially and sincerely yours
  • i was marred to my girl by her family she is in ghana does she need decalartion fee to leave ghana to come to the usa?
  • Dear Sirs:
    I'm writing fo0r myself(Gene Frey) and esther Owusu, She was my Christmas present and was suppose to be here Christmas night.
    I have sent money to help get her Visa, passport, and help getting her plane ticket.We plan on getting married, she agreed to marry me, but I wanted to propose to her in person on my knees and put ring on her finger. We love each other very much and want to be together forever.
    She has a place to live and I can support her. I just don't have the fee you want extra to get her here, if I had that kind of money extra I would send it . I was hoping you could see to for see the fee this time, so we can be together, We both pray everynight that we can be together.
    I hope you will conscider this request, so we can be together, In Gods name we ask this request and hope you can see fit to help us be united.
    In Gods Name, Thank You Sirs
    God Bless You
  • Notice how theses so called experts can never answer the questions direct? What experts? All is theses experts can do is pick a scam like 80 year old grandma can do that, sorry but its true. If certain people are going to claim to be experts you must be a lot up to date with things not just the bad things about scams which are plastered all over the internet?
  • I know a Dipolmat that has a package coming to the states to be delivered and is asking for Declaration Fee of $4000. Is there a Declaration fee From Ghana or is this a scam? I really need to know before my friend decides to send money

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