Nigerian scammer
  • pfew i'am glad i checked his Phone number!

    i'am a male escort from boys4u and he contact me whit the same letters! only other name!!
    Gayle Wesling
    couldn't find anything about him only on his Phone number....... this site! thanks all!!!!
    now i can block him! ore what ever ;)

    greetz from the Netherlands!
  • I advertise in  I am getting the SAME e-mails from Martin and the above e-mail is word for word the one I got from him.  I sent him my suit and shoe sizes and told him I will contact the agency.  I'll play this out and then tell him to fuck off.
  • This forum seems helpful
  • Hi guys I have an ad on rentboy got email from a guy called Dan the same story I was wondering if he can use my signature and copy of my passport , but i guess he caould right?

  • Of course he can steal your identity if you give him documents and information so don't be so foolish.

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