Transfer between Mauritius Airport and Cruise Ship Terminal
  • We are flyng from London to Mauritius and need to get to the Cruise Ship Terminal. Is the best way by taxi or is there a shuttle bus?

    Also are US dollars accepted?

    Thanks for any help.
  • The airport is about 48km (30 miles) from the port. The quickest way is to get a taxi and it will cost the equivalent of roughly $150. There are buses every 60 mins going into Port-Louis. Once in the city it is easy to get a taxi on the harbour which on the verge of the city.

    Your cruise ship package may well include a transfer from the airport - especially if a number of passengers are arriving on the same plane. Give them a call to confirm.

    Dollars are not generally accepted as legal tender. Change your dollars for Rupees at the airport.
  • Thank you Battaglir. Transfers are not included in our package but will check with Costa line in case they are running a shuttle.

  • Hey campbek,
    My wife and myself will fly from london Feb 27.If we are in the same plane we can share same taxi to the port. $75 savings is not a bad idea. my e mail
  • We are doing this in March with Costa. Would love to hear how it turned out for you.
  • Tazz I will try to remember when I get back.Cx
  • Hi,
    You can prebook taxi at
  • Thank you Emily, we have done that. Cx

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