what kind of ducument do i need to go to canada?
  • hello sir/maam, my name is emelinda abit somo-oc, and im from the philippines, i just want to know, what kind of ducuments do i need if i apply for working visa,tourist, and visitors to canada? because im planning to appy this as soon as posible, and whos i can contact with?
    resfectfully yours
    emelinda somo_oc
  • Have you called the Canadian Embassy, Manila: +63 (0)2 857 9000 ?

    Seems like a logical first step.

    for more information see our Visa page for the Philipines: http://www.wordtravels.com/Travelguide/Countries/Philippines/Contacts
  • should i contact canadian imbassy manila or cebu? cos i live at the eastern part of visayas.
  • do you think it makes a difference....a website is even closer
    good grief

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