Looking for the number of the artisan shop DAR ZAYYAN
  • Hi, I was in tunisia this summer. while i was there i visited the old souk in the Hammamet area and stumbled across a lovely place called DAR ZAYAN. It's an artisan shop. I have a small business in my country and i need to order some things from his place so i need the number URGENTLY. maybe someone might have it?!
  • Maha - have you tried contacting the tourist information bureau in Hammamet. Can you give me some more information about this shop and I can try to track it down for you.
  • the phone nunfer is ; +21698315525
  • Hi Maha

    I saw you were looking for the adress of Amin Zayan.
    I have it if you need. I also loved his shop but and I wanted also to boy some things to him. He wants big quantities. Where are you from? Where is your shop? If you want to talk about use my email luisacalem@luisacalem.com

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