Passport expires in UK
  • Hi David and Expert,
    I am a Pakistani national in UK on student visa ,my passport expires in Jan 2011 while I have visa valid upto July 2012. My passport can be renewed by Pakistan embassy. Do I need to transfer my visa to the new valid passport(Is it necessary)? I am very comfortable with the idea of having two passport, with the new one as valid passport while visa the the expired certificate. Can you please clarify this case?
  • No, the visa is still valid even if the passport has expired. Do not attempt to remove the sticker from passport to the other, just bring both to immigration.
  • Hi DAvid
    Does that mean that if the passport has expired he would have two passports. I know a turkish gentleman who has two passports because one expired in May 2010. Is this unusual. I thought you could only have one passport at a time.
    Lynne k
  • Lynne, yes, but if the valid visa is in the expired passport you need to bring that along too.

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