Weather in Jordan in November
  • We will be in Amman, Dead Sea, Wadi Rum, Petra in December.
    What can we expect for low and high temperatures.... what will the weather be like in Jordan
  • In November it will be cold in wadi rum in the evenings about 30f

    Dec in jordan can get cool Dead Sea will be in the 70
    make sure to take warm clothing it also gets dark about 4 -5 in the evenings
  • well the weather in Jordan will be cold in November, but you can enjoy !!
  • The winter months from November to April can be very cold, particularly in Amman, with snow, rain and wind, but there is little rainfall in the desert regions and in Aqaba, which makes a pleasant wintertime resort. About 75 percent of the country can be described as having a desert climate with very little annual rainfall.
  • I will travel to Aqaba at the end of November and stay the entire month of December.
    How is the temperature at that time. What clothes do I should I take?

    Best regards from Lisboa - Portugal
  • Pedro - the weather is winter and it is cold. If you are in Aqaba for all of December then you need to take warm clothes. The wind from the Red Sea can be very freezing during winter
  • hi
    in December is cold enough to wear warm clothes
    at the dead sea is warm but in Wadi rum is cold and also in Petra

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