Snow conditions in Verbier
  • Hi, planning to go to verbier for a last minute ski trip, what are the snow conditions like in Verbier at the moment? Anyone out there, just been skiing in Verbier? Thanks!!
  • The snow conditions in the Alps are fantastic at the moment as there is a great base from the early season snow, and there has been a fresh dump of snow recently in Verbier (on Tuesday and Wed ..21 Jan). They are forecasting more snow in Verbier over this weekend. Book those flights - great skiing on and off piste!
  • You can check the current conditions and forecast at any time here...

    Hope that helps.
  • There was a dump of around 30cm a couple of days ago, and there is due to be some snow tonight. The snow conditions in Verbier are the best for years! Flying out on Friday, cant wait....

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