Australian & UK passports
  • I am planning on returning to Australia in late October2010 . I have dual nationality.My UK passport expires 27th April 2011,my Australian passport27th March 2011.Will there be any problem leaving UK and entering Australia as at that time my UK passport will be close to expiry and my Australian passport will have less than six moths validity.I do not intend to return to the UK again. Thanks
  • I've twice left Australia on my Canadian passport and re-entered on my Australian one. My whole family does it. It's not uncommon for the airline staff to kick up a fuss when you check in but asking for their supervisor will resolve the situation. It shouldn't be a problem
  • As per the previous comment, you can leave the UK on your Bristish passport and enter Australia on your Australian passport. The six month validity on your passport is not an issue. This is only applicable if you are stopping over in Asia or other countries onroute to Australia who state you must have six months validity on your passport.
  • I have 4 months left on my Australian passport. I am flying to Amsterdam and will use my Dutch passport to enter the Netherlands. Will I have a problem returning to Australia on my australian passport that only has 3 months left by then. I will be in transit in Singapore both ways.
  • If you are Australian and you have somehow actually managed to board an aircraft bound for an Australian airport; it doesn't matter how; and you ARRIVE in Australia, even WITHOUT a passport (!) it will probably cause a fuss BUT YOU ARE AUSTRALIAN so how can they kick you out??
    So they put you in detention overnight, so they call some of your friends or your sister in Wagga, so they call your local RSL, so they slap your hand, so you get fined $200 (or something), SO WHAT! You've arrived HOME! That's all.
  • I can confirm that your passport can be expired and it still gets you back in your home country. You will be on their database as a citizen, so no worries.
  • Yes,
    Its true David .
    i am also thinking like same.

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