January weather in UK
  • My name is Lucas. I`m from Argentina.
    I`m planning to visit Great Britain in January. I know how the weather is, because i`ve been there before, but as i`m planning to travel around by car, i`d like to know if the fog can be dangerous for driving, specially in Edinburgh and northern cities.

    thank you,
  • Hi Lucas
    The fog is a bit of a myth from a Sherlock Holmes movie - you are unlikely to get fog and if you do it lasts for a few hours and is rather romantic, but does make driving dangerous. January is the coldest month and the temperatures could be freezing or there could be lots of rain, but saying that there could be a clearly sunny sky. You will notice the short days most - it get dark by 5pm - so dont leave your sightseeing to the afternoon.
  • Thank you very much Mathieu. Usefull information!
  • I live in Inverness and all I can say is that by going in January all you're going to see is temperatures of -2, dark skies, and snow. The fog can be dangerous in the highland area, but not so much as down south. Watch out for black ice if you're going north it can cause car accidents. Oh and 1 more thing I suggest going to the Edinburgh Winter Wonderland if it's on.

    Have a nice trip ^^

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