Can a single American woman travel to Riyadh?
  • I need to travel to Riyadh soon and need to know, 1. if i can 2. what i can go and 3. if i have to be with a man or something like that.
    i know that sounds ignorant but i dont know anything about the country.

    THANK YOU for ANY info.

    American Female Contractor
  • Hi, first do you have a visa for Saudi- as you write you are going to Riyadh - usualy the only way to get in is with a visa to travel with a tour group or a work visa
    As a single woman I am surprised that you would be given one - since you do need a male with you when traveling around the country and aso when going out in public or even another female As a single female you can't walk around on our own. The only place that you can do that is in Jeddah Saudi.

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