Are Dominicans prejudice?
  • Someone told me that Dominicans and Haitians hate each other. Is there prejudice toward black peoplein general in the Dominican Republic?
  • I would say that the Haitians have a rather low standing amongst Dominicans in general. Also you will find Haitians doing the worst jobs. In Dominican society it is rare to find black people on any high position, business and political. Some night clubs i StoDgo don't allow blacks inside.
  • What a total nonsense....there are no blacks in high position? The one who posted this MUST be the most color-blind person in the world. What color is the President of the DR, most of his cabinet, judges, Prosecutors, etc. etc. etc?
  • My boyfriend is Dominican and he really dislikes Haitians. The reasons he gave me were pretty legitimate. If you look up the history of the Island of Hispaniola, you can find that the hatred started way back when Christopher Columbus first came to the island and when the French took control of Haiti's part of the island. Also, there are about 1 million of illegal Haitian immigrants in the Dominican Republic. With the whole color thing...they do put lighter skinned people in a better light than darker but that is because of the mixing that happened with the natives and the Europeans way back in history. The more European (lighter) you are, the less mixing(mixing with slaves/natives) happened in your ancestry.
    I hope instead of making your own assumptions you try to look up the facts. The U.S. Embassy has a great site on this and Wikipedia (though not totally trustworthy) covers the history well.

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