Is it safe to travel to Mexico?
  • there's been a lot on the news lately about drug related violence in mexico. is it safe to travel there at the moment? obviously we wouldn't go looking for trouble, but is it avoidable?
  • Yes, it is safe to travel in Mexico. Violence has not been targeted to tourists and so far is limited to people somehow connected to the drug industry and enforcement. Much of this is limited to border towns. Resort areas will surely be fine.
  • A little curious i'm travelling around the world in april over a period of 6months. the first four months are being spent in Canada, if i'm an australian citizen and i decide to buy a separate ticket to mexico, while i'm there do i have to gain a visa or anything if i'm departing from canada to mexico and then back to canada??
    i know that a holiday visa applys for USA...

  • Awesome i am staying at a resort i am so glad its safe
  • I am about to book a trip and was not sure if I should still go to Cancun. It seems to me that we are going to questions every move we make while we are there. Should I go on the day trips to the jungle, etc.
  • We are going to Cancun in March with 3 children and are staying at an all-inclusive resort (which we have been there 2years ago) but I am a little concerned this time around with all the news about Mexico. I'm sure the resort will be safe but we still have to get from the airport to the resort and back, and should we just stay at the resort or would it be safe to make plans to venture out to the market, or to Xel-ha which is over an hour on the bus (which we have done before and loved it)....
  • I am planning a honeymoon in August to Mexico and am worried about the drug related violence there? Do we have anything to worry about near the Mayan Riviera?
  • We are also heading to Cancun with 3 kids in March, staying at an all-inclusive. Have there been issues getting to/from the airport or going on daytrips? What is the best site to get information about the current situation in and around Cancun?
  • I am going to Puerto Vallarta at the end of May and staying at a resort. Is it safe to go there right now with all of the violence?
  • my son is going on a mission trip to Mexico this summer with a group from church (mostly teens). They are going to be in Baja. Is this area considered safe right now?
  • NO, it is not safe to go there at all. All of the violence and killings are confined to the northern and western parts of Mexico. Baha is one of the worst area's to be in right now....
  • Is it safe to travel around mid august ? I'm planning to go there for my honeymoon, any suggestions of the best places ?
  • Its save to go to Cancun, the entire Yucatan and even Chiapas.
    The drug violence is only in border towns near the US, mostly in Reynosa, Ciudad de Juarez, Tijuana etc.
    Its absolutly safe and really cheap right now with the peso devaluating against the dollar, you basically get 50% discount on almost anything.
  • I have a trip planned for the end of March crossing at Palomas and traveling to Copper Canyon. Is this a safe trip?
  • My husband and I are traveling to Playa Del Carmen at the end of April. Is it a safe idea? Should we re-consider? Perhaps if a large group of US citizens traveling together at the same time could stick together, we might be less of a target. Anyone else going to Playa the end of April?
  • My wife, 1yr old and I have already booked our vacation to Cancun in May and I'm just a bit concerned about the whole situation. We are staying at a resort that we have been before and we felt very safe and they also provide transportation to and from the airport, don't take taxis if at all possible! I also read about checking into the nearest US consulate just to be on the safe side.
  • Folks, relax! The Mexican government and the "Federales" (the police) are seeing to it that the resort areas are safe. They know that Cancun and Yucatan (the Mayan Riviera) are tourist meccas, and that the Mexican government will NOT put up with drug cartel violence in these areas! As such, there has been no violence in the tourist areas.

    The unsafe areas are mostly border towns like Cuidad Juarez and Tijuana. Also, parts of Baja Californian are really not safe (although Cabo is largely fine). So if you stick to the tourist areas of Cancun, the Mayan Riviera and Cabo, and if you don't go looking for'll be absolutely fine.

    Remember, the media likes to hype up and sensationalize things to scare people. That's how the news sells. Parts of Mexico have ALWAYS been a little dangerous, and it's not much worse now than it's ever been.
  • I am going in June to Secrets Capri. I am not worried about the days we stay on the resort all day. But, we are leaving one day to do a day tour Xel-ha. Is that safe for us to do?
  • Hi I am traveling to Mexico via the United States. I have a Permanent Resident card from the U.S. and an Israeli passport, do I need a Visa to fly to Mexico. What is required? Please help. Thank you kindly.
  • does anyone know if there is a bridge that connects cozumel to the mainland or is it only reachable by boat and plane?
  • we are planning a trip in may to cancun and wondering if it would be safe to travel their at this time. we have been their for the past two years and really enjoy it their but i am worried about going this year with all the trouble going on in mexico. help me make my decision on whether or not to go this year.
  • I would honestly say that you are pretty safe going to Cancun. I have been tracking the stories of violence and they re really criminals taking out other criminals. Tourists are solid safe.
  • I will be going to Los Cabos for Spring break, is it safe to travel to Mexico during this time?
  • We have two months booked in a private house in San Felipe which is northern Mexico in December and January. We are planning on driving down from Western Canada all the way down to the Mexican border. We were thinking of crossing at Tijuana. Is it going to be safe to cross the border into Mexico and then drive down.
  • I live in Ciudad Juarez. Although I appreciate the positive thinking reflected by those who assure travelers that Mexico is safe, I would encourage visitors to know a bit more about current events in the country. Our greatest problem has been referred to as "institutional irrelevance." Over the past couple of months, seven-thousand troops have been sent to Juarez, and our police force has been taken over by the military. This is no simple scenario of a few "criminals taking out criminals." National difficulties leading to increased militarization of the country have been escalating over the past two decades.
    I do not recommend driving through Chihuahua or Durango. If the traveler does experience problems, efforts to get police assistance may clarify the meaning of "institutional irrelevance." The lines between such identity groups as "police," "criminals," and "government officials" are not clearly defined in any country. In Mexico, it's especially hard to tell the players without a program.
    I'm sure that such major tourist spots as Cancun are well protected and safe, but I can't recommend exploring Mexico by car.
    Please come and do your part in supporting our economy, but our playground is not really free of hazards. So be cautious about where you go and what you do.
  • Hi people I understand your concerns about security in Mexico. I am mexican and I live in Sonora. The most part of the violence that you see on television happends in the boarder (Cd. Juarez, Nogales and Tijuana) because of the currently war between cartels and the federal government. The rest of the country and specialy tourist spots are perfectly well and peaceful. You can feel secure and calm about your vacations. I hope you enjoy your visit.
  • I have traveled to Mexico by bus from NM for over ten years. I am a 65-year old light haired woman. I just exercise reasonable caution. I wear a $15 watch from Walmart and gold studs in my ears only. I dress conservatively usually jeans, turtleneck, jacket and old sneakers. I carry my credit cards, passport, traveler's checks and a little cash in my money belt under my clothes. I wear large US bills under the soles of my feet in my socks. They do get damp but I feel they are safe. I have traveled as far as the Yucatan, Chiapis, Veracruz and many small and large cities. I have never felt unsafe. I would go to Mexico in a nanosecond now. I will probably change my travel to daytime only at this time however.
  • I have a friend traveling to Mexico next week and plans on crossing the boarder in Tijuana, catching a buss or even just setting off on foot to Ensenada for the night, then continuing down the Baja for two weeks. I am very concerned for his safety. Should I be?
  • My husband and I finally booked our dream vacation to Dreams resort in Rivera Maya Should we still go????
  • I am still concern about travel as this is our first trip to Mexico, in July. We are goining with a family that speaks spanish and I was wondering if it will still be safe to travel.
  • One more question about Mexico, How safe is Acapulco? Trying to get down to see a grandchild in June.
  • Hola! I am planning my first trip to Mexico to Tamazunchale, San Lois Potosi in June; is that area safe? The drug cartels really aren't near that area, are they? Thanks :)
  • I am a student at a UK university going on an exchange to Mexico city in Feb. 2010. Do I need a visa? Also is it easy enough to draw cash from a cash point in the city?
  • Hi! I have travel plans to go to Cancun next week. Is it safe to go there? Not only because of drug cartels, but also because of swine flu break out. Should I cancel tickets?
  • we are going to cancun first two weeks in june should we cancel because of swine flu or leave it till nearer the time. Colle
  • well, i am mexican, living for now in Scotland, and will travel to mexico next week... i have been talking with all family and friends about the swine flu and they say is not as bad as news says, obviously you have to be careful and be very hygenic... cancun is one of the places that is not impacted with the virus, the main is in the city and the round about... they are putting few doctors @ some airports and ppl has been very careful using masks, so if you are going to cancun you still can enjoy the beach and the sun and the weather just be careful... Cancun still not marked as a dangerous zone and is miles away from Mexico city... and as i said just have to be careful the same as if there were no viruses =D
  • We are a family of 5 (2 adults and 3 children) Travelling to the River Maya Mexico on the 25th May for 2 weeks.
    I asume the WHO Organisation will suspend flights to mexico if the Swine Flu becomes a pandedmic? Otherwise we will be travelling and will take precautionary measures of washing hands, drinking bottled water etc....
    Hopefully this will be contained and people will receive treatment quickly without more families losing their loved ones. It is very worrying my 9 year old does not want to travel due to the media response.
  • I am traveling to Cancun/Riviera Maya in 2 days, do you recommend we go or cancel. I have my daughters with me ages 5 and 8.
  • heya im going to rivera maya June 23th 09 is it safe to go? Do you think the uk gov will allow us to go? do u fink it will be over by then?? thanx
  • I am taking a ship to Ensenada next week. Is it safe?
  • Me,my patner and two friends have booked to go to mexico in july 09. will this swine flu all be over. We only have two weeks to change our holiday. What do we do!!! keep our fingers crossed or change our hol ?????
  • Some friends and I are going to a 3-day cruise to Mexico from San Diego at the end of May. Should we still plan on going?
  • My son and GF are travelling to America and Mexico and Canada in August and Im really worried about it with this swine flu outbreak, do you think they should cancel their plans???
  • Hi I'm getting married in August and my soon to be husband and I will travel to Cancun Mexico for our honeymoon. Do you think that it will be safe for us to travel to Cancun Mexico in August? or should we cancel our reservations and go to the Bahamas instead?
  • Im in the same situation. We are due to go to Mexico in August and dont know whether to chance it and keep this booking or to rebook another holiday elsewhere. Thomsons want £35 per person to do this, which I think is a bit unfair considering the unusual circumstances.
  • Hi we are scheduled to travel to Mexico in August this year so in just a few months, Should I cancel due to the SWINE FLU
  • I am also due to fly to the riviera maya in july and thomson also want £35 pp off us, then £50pp 8 wks before departure so we only have 2 wks to decide its ridiculous! if the goverment says we can fly then were going, people have got to get back to normal sometime!!
  • It is a flu, it has now spread to every country. Remember that Mexico does not have the same medical as other countries. There are thousands of people that die from the regular flu every year and thousands that die from a common cold but no one seems to be alarmed by that. The reason I believe that airlines suspended flights to Mexico is because they are giving most people a credit to rebook, but they also raised their prices and so now if you rebook you have to pay more. If your going to go to Mexico the airlines are suppose to be back in the air to Mexico by June 1st. I treat it like any other flu be aware of who your around and that it was mostly in Mexico city and there are millions of people that live in that city and a small percentage got the flu. The reason why it is a pandemic is because it has gone to different levels meaning each level it gets to another country has encountered the flu. They believe it will hit many people before it stops around the world and that it is not the same strength as it was many years ago when it was taking many peoples lives. If your still unsure about going talk to your travel agent but they don't seem too concerned as it is in many countries now and you can pretty much get in anywhere. They also said that a lab testing people might have started spreading it too. Don't hide do what you think is best for you and hope that no one else loses their life from this. Mostly week immune systems which are the young and elderly are at risk. And if you do get it treat it like any other flu they are saying lots of fluids and rest not many people in Canada have been hospitalized but I believe there has been one death here in Canada. Hope for the best and hope everyone that has it recovers nicely from it.
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