Kids in Madrid
  • Hi-
    I'm travelling to Madrid with my two young ones (3 and 5 years old) - I know - nightmare...but, I have to meet my husband who's temporarily living in the city for business purposes. We'll be staying for an extended period - about 2 weeks - and I want to know how child-friendly the city is. Is there lots to do for Kids in Madrid - recreational areas, play places, zoos, etc...

    Any advice would be much appreciated!
  • Hi Stephanie-

    You can rest assured, Madrid is increasingly becoming a fantastic city to have kids in Madrid. There's plenty to see and do for the little ones, and the bright and sunny weather makes outdoor activities easy and convenient. Have a look here for specific information about what's available for Kids in Madrid
  • Don't worry at all!
    The Spanish take their children everywhere ... to bars, restaurants and sometimes even to pubs. You'll find that children are always well looked after anywhere you go, so don't let having kids put you off visiting Madrid or participating in any of the activities the city has to offer. So if the kids get bored of the Prado, you may find the following suggestions useful :-

    Madrid's Telef
  • FAUNIA. all day interactive fun and learning for kids................
  • Thanks Nick - where is Faunia and what is it?
  • Hello,
    I don`t think it is a problem for two weeks with your kids, even in such crazy place like Madrid. Of course, there are plenty places for kids entertainment etc. Good luck

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