Visa for Ghana
  • Hello I hold an american passport and would like to travel to Ghana in early October. I just learned that I need a visa to enter the country. Since I am currently in South Africa on holiday I am not able to go to DC to address this at the Ghanaian Embassy....anyone have suggestions on how to get a visa quickly for travel to Ghana from abroad?

    Thanks kindly
  • a nigerian,have been going to ghana by road through lome,i have a ghanian permit stamped for 90 days ,i wish to travel by air to ghana,do i still need a visa or permit at the airport?
  • Hello, my name is Ian and I am a Canadian resident, and I am going to be traveling to Ghana to visit with Family residing there.
    I will be staying there for 1 month and then returning, what are my best options for obtaining a visa?
    Family has suggested I move there and are willing to pay for the move, I am assuming that speaking with the Immigration Department in Ghana is whom I should speak with about acquiring an application for residency status.
    But as I still have many family family members in Canada, will I be able to maintain my citizen-ship in Canada, or do I have to surrender that to become a resident and citizen of Ghana?
    Thank you for looking at and considering my questions.

    Ian Gardiner

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