i want to travel to belarus from cameroon.
  • i will like to visit belarus on single entry tourist visa, anybody with idea on how to get the visa... respond to my email stanleystan27@yahoo.com
  • Hi there,
    In order to help you with info about getting the visa, I need to know what country you are resident of, because different rules apply.
    Before you travel, it would be very useful to visit Minsk City Guide http://www.minskcityguide.net and see information on local sights and historical places .I am sure you will get what you need to know before the travel. Regards
  • well mark,
    i also have a client who is interested in travelling to Belarus, can you also help with info about getting the visa?
    send respond here or to my mail: havilahtravels@yahoo.com

  • Looks like the whole of Africa is obsessed with an idea of holiday fishing in Belarus... No sane tour operator in Belarus will issue an invitation to these passports.

  • If a tour operator issued invitations to people that then absconded while on vacation in Belarus - would the tour op get in trouble? Ie. are they responsible for the behaviour of the visitors on their books?
  • Of course there will be trouble. In the last paragraph of the invitation the inviting party - not necessarily a tour operator (e.g. a private person) - solemnly swears to reimburse all expenses related to the cutomer's wrongdoing and his deportation. Never had such cases as a travel agent but the fine for a "bad" customer is EUR 2000 or so and the paperwork is painful. Therefore a tour operator will think twice before inviting a "tourist from Ghana royal family")


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