Excursions in Reunion
  • We will be in Reunion for one day on a cruise ship. Can anyone tell me of a tour operator we could contact for an excursion for this day?

    Thank YOu
  • You can contact :
    Anthurium Hotels
    53, route de Domenjod
    97490 Sainte Clotilde
    mail : info@anthurium.com
    Site : www.anthurium.com
  • Hi, i'm Annia from Mauritius, i'd like to know what are the medical facilities in reunion island as to which service is free and which one is a paid service. As i'm of french nationality, i'd like to know what are my rights concerning medical services.
  • Annia - as a EU citizen you are entitled to free medical treatment at a government run hospital in Reunion, not that this a guarantee of particularly good treatment.

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