Entry visa requirements for Tunisia
  • I am a New Zealand passport holder, working in Cairo, Egypt. I am attending an education conference in Tunis, Tunisia at the end of this month. Do I:

    1.Need a Tunisian entry visa?

    2. If yes, am I able to apply for it on arrival?

    Many thanks for your assistance.
    Kind regards
  • Ushing - as a NZ passport holder you must have a visa prior to your arrival. You should contact the Tunis embassy in Cairo for this and supply documents which they will request. You cannot get your visa on arrival!! You must have it in your passport before you travel.
  • Thanks very much for the info.
  • I am a UAE National planning to visit Tunisia in next 15days.Do I require visa ?
    If yes Can I obtain a visa on arrival ?
  • Salem Mohammed - as a UAE passport holder you do not need a visa to enter Tunisia. You are given 3 months visa free for your visit here.
  • hello
    i am pakistani nationality licing in saudi arabia, i wanat to visit tunisia for 3 months, so whats the requirements. thanks
  • Reyan - you must obtain a visa before you enter Tunisia. You can do this by applying at your nearest Tunisian embassy. I am not sure that you will be granted a visa for 3 months however, you should discuss this with the embassy.
  • i am a nigerian citizen but live in the uk with a residence permit, will i need a visa to enter tunisia?
  • Mrs A - it means nothing that you have residency in the UK - visas are dependant on the country of your passport. If you are intending to travel on a Nigerian passport then you MUST have a visa prior to your arrival into Tunisia. You must arrange this with the Tunisian embassy in the UK
  • Kitty, as per my previous post - it doesn't matter where you live or what residency you hold, if you are travelling on your home country passport, in this case from Eduador you need a visa prior to travelling to Tunisia. you must apply for this through the Tunisian Embassy closest to you.
  • i'm a nigerian going on a medittereanean cruise. i have the required shengen visa but do not have tunisian visa and we are stopping in tunisia for about 5 hrs. what do u think? will i be alright? i dont mind staying in the vessel for the period of time we are in tunisia. i would have loved to come down to look around but the process of getting a tunisian visa from ireland where i live is very hectic. i need to travel to uk for it and i need a uk visa to go to uk so.....
  • As a Nigerian you must have a pre-arranged visa for entry to tunisia. If you want to make sure about the requirements then you must contact the embassy in the UK. You may be able to arrange this by secure mail. You should get off the boat and have a look around. Tunis our capitol is fantastic and the souq and old medina is wondrous. It will be worth your troubles I can assure you
  • im a jordanian national holding a UAE residence visa, can i travel to Tunisia without a pre-arrange visa?
  • Ruby - it doesn't matter where you live or what residency you hold. If you are travelling on a Jordanian passport then you need to have a visa prior to arrival. However, you may be able to purchase this on your arrival...........but please contact the embassy nearest to you and check this information. I may be wrong and cannot be held responsible. If you want to make sure that you will not be turned away then buy your visa before arrival
  • Tarek,

    If you are travelling on your UK passport then you don't need a visa. you can be in Tunisia for 3 months without a visa
  • Im indian and im planning to get maried with tunisian girl and settle there. What should i do???
    Could you please help me??

    Many thanks
  • Sniper - mabrouk. Have you ever been to Tunisia? If you wish to settle in Tunisia your first step is to register with the police and get a temporary carte de sejour then you can apply for permanent residency and eventually citizenship if you wish. There are many marriage customs here in Tunisia and it will depend where your fiancee comes from as to what you need to do and organise. You can send me an email as below and I can answer all your questions

    I´m Latvia´s passport holder and have been in Tunisia 3 times.I know that if I´m going as tourist and have reservation of hotel I don´t need visa but last two times I didn´t had reservations and in Monastir´s airport they didn´t asked Visa but in Tunis airport did,so I don´t understand how does it works.
    I´m going to marry with tunisian so what kind of documents do I need to prepare?

    Thank you
  • Mabrouk Claudia - I think you may have come on charter flights to Monastir in which case the visas are usually handled by the airline, however, Tunis does not accept charter flights and you come on your own recognaissance which means you will need a visa. You may need this prior to arrival. Where are you going to stay in Tunisia this time? If you have a hotel reservation then it shouldn't be a problem.

    As for the documents you need to marry you will need to check with the Embassy as Tunisia has different requirements from different countries. Certainly you will need a document from your country known as a Certificate of No Impediment which details that you are free to marry, you will need your passport, birth certificate and if you have been married previously your original marriage certificate and divorce papers. All these need to be original, translated into French/Arabic and certified. Your fiance should be able to advise you.......he is in Tunisia and it's easy for him to find out all the requirements for you.
  • Hi.. I have Indian passport and I m living in UK. I want to go meet my Tunisian friend in Tunis for 10 days. What I need to do? Please advice me. I am looking forward you. Thanking you...
  • Mohammed - I presume that you will be travelling on your Indian passport? In this case you will need a visa before you travel. Contact the Embassy of Tunisia in London and they will assist you with required documentation and the visa.
  • I am a New Zealander living in the UK on a 2 year youth mobility visa. I am planning on travelling to Tunisia next month. Will i require a visa to enter or can I enter on my UK visa?
  • Darren, it doesn't matter where you live, what visas you have it depends on your passport and as I presume you will travel on your NZ passport you need a visa before you arrive. NZ cannot get their visa on arrival. Please contact the Tunisia embassy in London and they will assist you with the documentation you require and the visa application forms. Remember, you must have a visa pre-arrival into Tunis.
  • Hi, I have a Hungarian passport. I go to Tunisia for two weeks as a tourist. Do I need visa? Thanks, Peet
  • Peet - no you don't need a visa to enter Tunisia on your Hungarian passport. You are entitled to 3 months visa free.

    Enjoy your vacation with us
  • Thank you very much Lesley!

    I will...
  • Can a South African passport holder enter Tunisia and obtain the necessary visa on arrival or must this be prearranged before travel?
  • SP - you can obtain your visa on arrival.
  • Salem Lesley. I am a Sierra Leonean residing in the UK. I have a Sierra Leone passport with a UK residence permit. I am looking to go for 2weeks holiday to Tunisia. Will i need a visa before departing?? Thanks Aisha.
  • Salem Aisha - yes you will need to purchase your visa before arrival in Tunis. You should contact the Embassy of Tunisia in London and they will assist with your visa
  • Hi, I'm holding a Brunei passport, will be visiting Tunisia (Skanes) next week. Do I need visa to enter Tunisia?
  • Jay - you do not need a visa for Tunisia. You can have a 3 month visa free stay. Enjoy your stay in Skanes
  • What about Egyptian passport holders? can I obtain a isa on arrvial?
  • Dido - You will need a visa before you arrive in Tunisia otherwise you will be denied entry. Contact the embassy in Cairo for exact requirements.
  • I am a uk national and hold a uk passporty

    I am visiting Tunisia for the first time and on my own

    do I need a visa and what can you recommend I can do in tunisia? I am staying in pORT EL KANTAOUI
  • Hi,
    I'm planning to visit Djerba for 1 week. I'm a UK national (born and bred) but I have a dual nationality - British and Italian. Reading through the posts it's your passport that matters and I have an Italian passport. I've read elsewhere that with an Italian passport I do not require a Visa but I must be on a recognised package holiday. Is this correct? I'll be traveling from the UK and planning to book a package deal through Thomas Cook...will this be ok?

    Could you also advise on currency? Can I exchange GBP to TND from the UK or can this only be done upon my arrival to Djerba?

    Many thanks!
  • Foxie - as you will enter Tunisia on your British passport you do not need a visa. You will be given 3 months visa free. PEK is a purpose built tourist resort and is really quite nice but not 'Tunisia'. there are lots of sites to visit nearby and easily accessible by louage or taxi. I don't know how long you are staying here but I would suggest you visit nearby Sousse which has a beautiful medina and souk. You could also visit Hammamet which is also lovely with good cafes and restaurants. It does depend a lot on what you enjoy on vacations as to what you can do here in Tunisie.
  • Roz - Firstly you can't get TND outside of Tunisia. It is a closed currency and as such can only be exchanged here in Tunisia. Make sure you spend it all or exchange it before you depart. It is worthless outside Tune. As for the visa, I don't know where you got that information but it is not correct. You can visit Tunisia on your own on an Italian passport and you will automatically have visa free for 3 months. so if you don't want to book a package it's not a problem. I hope you enjoy your time on beautiful Djerba...........it's lovely
  • Hi Lesley

    I'm a filipino citizen living in the united kingdom. I plan to go on holiday in Tunisia at the end of august and will need a visa. I contacted the tunisian embassy in London for an application form for a tourist visa but they've not got back to me. I've emailed them and phoned them and no one seems to bother getting back to me?!! Is there any way I could apply online to make it a lot easier for me without having to go through the hassle of going to london and applying in person?! And how long does it take to get a visa?

  • CT - I am sure there is an online application form, however as you are in the UK you need to keep trying the embassy. I can't tell you exactly how long it takes for you visa but you need to apply well in advance of your travel here.
  • Hi,

    I have a Australian passport currently living in the UK. As it is based on the passport do I need to obtain a visa to visit Tunisia for a 5 day holiday? I've tried contacting the Tunisian embassy in London by phone but am not getting any response. I have read that i can obtain them when I get there but would prefer to do it before hand if possible and I'm not sure how up to date that information was

    Appreciate any help

  • Hi Steve - as an Australian passport holder it will cost you only TND10.000 for a stay of up to 7 days here in tunisia on your arrival at the airport.
  • Hello,

    I'm an Australian passport holder living in Australia. I've recently applied for a visa to undertake a student internship at a company in Tunis. This is a paid position with a duration of 12 months. However, despite providing a copy of my paperwork and their requested documents, I think they have given me a three month tourist visa. While I'll be able to get into the country, I'm worried that this will not allow me to work and its obviously not long enough.

    Is it possible to apply or change my visa to a longer stay/working visa once I am in Tunisia? My local embassy has been rather unhelpful and non-descript in their correspondence and I am supposed to be arriving next week? Please Help! Much Appreciated!
  • Wade - I don't think this is a problem. Once you arrive in Tunisia the company that you are working with should organise a further working visa with the Bureau d'Affaires des Etrangers in Tunis.

    I do hope you will enjoy your year here in beautiful Tune town but don't just work, get out and about to see some of this country.
  • Hi, Im a citizen of ST KITTS and NEVIS Currently residing in UK. I wish to travel to Tunisia to my friends wedding. Do i need to apply for visa. Tunisian Embassy in london is not responding to my calls.

  • Mohamed - the latest information that I have is that as a citizen of St Kitts and Nevis you can enter Tunisia on your country's passport without a visa. You will be given 3 months to stay here visa free. However as always, check the Tunisi Embassy website for any updated or changed visa conditions.
  • its urgent please!!
    I´m chinese´s passport holder and never have been outside of china .and the tunisian ambassy on beijin, it 's too fare from my home! (i live on south of china) i have tunisian boyfriend, we want be married and live together in tunisia!! we don't know how to proceed to get tunisian visa for me without going to tunisian ambassy on beijin!!?? he suggest to send me invitation and get for me a ticket !! my tunisian boyfriend he can prepare visa for me on my arrival to tunisia!!??and what kind of documents do i need to prepare for our marriage!!??

    Thank you
  • Rong - I'm sorry but there is no way for you to enter Tunisia without a visa! Your boyfriend cannot do this for you. You should contact the Embassy in Beijing as you can prepare your documents and send your passport for the visa to be processed. They will send it back to you. If you arrive into Tunisia without a visa they are legally entitled to deny you entry and send you back on the next plane. Surely a trip to Beijing is not nearly as far as here to Tunisia???

    You will need these dox at the very least:

    Original birth certificate translated into French/Arabic
    Certificate of no impediment translated into French/Arabic
    Passport - bio page translated
    I'm not sure what other documents the Tunisian authority will require from a Chinese national. You should definitely check this with the Tunisian Embassy in Beijing.
  • i already start to fill up one application form witch i received by email ! and i don't how to writed or fill up it!! and to be sure for 100 % to get this visa!! for example : they ask for my profession on this application form!! but i no have job for the moment !! maybe this can not help me for visa!!

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