Transit visa to Trinidad
  • Hello! I'm planning a trip for my friend's wedding in St. Vincent, but my flight stops at Trinidad and from there I have to take another flight to St. vincent. I'm from Panama and I think I need a visa to enter Trinidad, but do I need one just for transit? just changing to another plane? :S Please help!
  • I've just faced the same question. There is absolutely no information in the internet. Did you find an answer?
  • I actually called a couple of travel agents in Panama and said the there was no need for visa. But, no make sure I called the Trinidad Consulate in Panama and they also said I don't need a visa.
    Hope this helps
  • Thank you!!!
  • My Fiance has a contract to work for 1 year in Trinidad..Do I need a Visa?
  • Can I use my South African Driver's licence in Trinidad?

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