Visa and overland entry requirements for Malawi
  • Can South Africans get a visa on entry to Malawi without proof of an onward ticket?
    We're about to do an overland 4 X 4 Malawi tour but noticed that the visa's section of Word Travels says that we need to show an onward ticket otherwise we wont be able to get a visa. We'll be driving our 4 X 4 up from South Africa through Mozambique. We plan to spend three months in Malawi travelling around, visiting the Mulanje mountains, Lake Malawi, Zomba, Salima and a whole lot of other places but now we're worried that we wont be allowed in because we don't have proof of an onward journey or ticket. Will this be a problem for our trip?
    Please if anyone could help us we'd really appreciate it.

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