Christmas Paris restaurants.
  • Hi there-
    My clients are in Paris for Christmas Day this year and are wanting to go somewhere nice for Christmas dinner lunch/evening meal-can you recommend anywhere please-they are 5 star people.
    Thanks heaps!
  • Hi Sam

    Being in a city that is associated with gastronomy and world-class restaurants, your clients will have a tough time deciding on one place to dine!

    La Tour d'Argent is a wonderful 5-star restaurant overlooking the Seine and Notre Dame. A window table is strongly recommended!
    Guy Savoy is also an excellent option and it has been awarded 2 Michelin Stars.

    Taillevent is rated as Paris's most outstanding all-around restaurant, rivalled only by Lucas-Carton and Pierre Gagnaire, and it also boasts one of Paris's best wine lists.

    You can see a short write-up of these restaurants and others here and here

    And finally, you are strongly advised to book as far in advance as you can!

    I hope this information proves helpful.
  • OMG!!
    That is fantastic! Thanks so much for your help and speedy reply!

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