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  • hello im from sri lanka and i live in qatar i aplied fr moroccan visa bfr 23 days bt till now i didn t get any answer i don t knw th reason anyone can tell mewht should i do? thankyou
  • hello friends i m indian i have uk student visa and m in uk right now if i want to visit the morrocco shall i need the visa for it?
  • I am an american woman visiting my boyfriend in Morocco. He is Muslim could we stay together in the same room in a hotel. We are planning to visit many cities in Morocco during my trip there. Thank you.
  • No is the answer. Whilst you will be allowed to room in the hotel, he will not be allowed to stay in your room, although you could meet up in the restaurant or bar.
    If you want to shack up then find an apartment somewhere other than in a hotel.
  • Hi there

    I am travelling to Marrakech next week with my boyfriend and we would like to do a day excursion. There seem to be a few different areas to visit from Marrakech. Can you advise in your opinion which excursion would be the best location wise?

    Many thanks
  • This depends on what your interests are, you can go into the mountains, visit Dades Gorge, go white water rafting, visit the desert, see the valleys of the Atlas mountains, go to Essaouira on the coast and others.
    There are many sights within Marrakech centre, give me your e-mail and I will send a map and list of what to see if interested.
    For me it's the mountains and Essaouira, the latter being easy to get to by bus for 65Dh if you don't mind a 3 hour bus ride.
    Your hotel will have listings of what is on offer as well as the operators who offer them, tour reps visit the hotel daily at set times which will be displayed in the lobby area.
  • Thank you very much! My email address is
  • Hi I'm a British asian muslim going to Morocco with my British white girlfriend. will we get any grief about staying in the same bed as sex before marriage is illegal, neither of us is Moroccan but I am muslim, does this affect anything ?
  • As an African Citizen, do i need a visa to Morocco, what is the requirement for geting a visa to Morocco. More especially ctizens of Kenya , Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi.
    How long does it take to get one after application.
  • Sparky - I doubt you will be asked about your religious beliefs. Moroccan guys get picked up by female tourists, likewise Moroccan girls also get picked up.
    I shouldn't worry.
    Let us know how you got on.
  • Simo - You will need a visa, you will have to find out where the Moroccan Embassy is in your country - I am unable to see whether it is Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda or Burundi.
    Check this link:
  • I am arriving at menara airport on sunday third june at 7pm with my 13 year old daughter, please can you tell me the easiest way to reach essaoiura where we have a hotel booked. will it be dark at that time?
  • The cost should be about 500Dh by taxi from the airport. Although there should be a chart near the exit showing fares to various destinations, many taxi drivers disregard this and charge what they feel is appropriate. Apparently there is no control by the authorities over this blatant practice.
    An alternative way to get to Essaouira is by bus for around 70Dh person, there is an extra charge for luggage. You will still have to get a taxi to the bus station at a cost of around 90Dh for what is a relatively short distance.
    It will be dark at that time; Moroccan time follows GMT.
  • Hi there,

    I have a very vague question and hope you might be able to help. Myself and 3 friends are planning a trip to Morocco in the June/July period. We are travelling from Australia and will have 2 weeks to explore. We are starting to feel slightly overwhelmed and can't seem to decide what we should be doing and where we should see, besides the possibility of a 3 day trek from Marrakech to Fez (stopping of course at several places in between incl. Dades Groges & Merzouga).

    I'm wondering if you would be able to (off the top your head) give us some tips of where to go and what to see when in Morocco? As all females we love to shop so some tips on some bizaars would be great or other hot shopping places.

  • Assuming you are staying in Marrakech for the main duration, there are so many notable sights there alone. Elsewhere are trips to the mountains or a trip to the small coastal town of Essaouira where I go for three days on each visit to Morocco.
    Marrakech has numerous souks, all serving different purposes, ie leathers, rugs etc.
    You will not be stuck for things to do here but if you need inspiration for trips, get in touch as the info is too extensive to write here:
  • Dear Johnk,

    I am Egyptian and i am going to meet with Moroccan girlfriend in marakech , I want to know if its allowed that we can stay together in one hotel room. and if yes can you please recommend me some hotels over there .
    thanks in advance
  • I assume you are muslim in which case you will not be allowed to share a room with another muslim unless you are married and can prove this.
    Even non-muslims such as tourists cannot take a muslim (of either sex) into their hotel room.
    The only way will be for you to rent an apartment but even this may present new problems such as the concierge (if there is one) may stop your gf from enterring.
    I will look into this further.
  • I am Myanmar (Burma) citizen and I have German Travel Document. Do I need visa for Morocco?
  • Citizens of El Salvador require a visa for Morocco which you must obtain before you travel.
  • @folan

    Your comment has been removed for inappropriate language.
  • Hi there. We're a family of 5 planning to go on a 10 day holiday to Morocco. Just received my visa from the Moroccon embassy in London which is valid from 15th November for a month. However due to work commitments we're having to change plans and travel earlier on 10th November. Is there anyway of amending this or would the Marrakech airport authorities bring forward or allow us entry on the 10th?
  • Why do you think countries ask you to apply for a visa ? So that when you get the visa you can travel any date and time you want? Of course not.
    When you are given a visa you must travel from the date of validity which is in this case 15 November 2015 or after that date.

    If you try to enter Morocco before the 15 November you will be refused entry as you are from a country that requires a visa before travel. Better to change your work schedule than risk flying to a country where you will be refused entry.

    I am really surprised at the ridiculous questions people ask on this forum.

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