Shopping tips for Dubai
  • Everyone knows that Dubai is this amazing shopping destination - but what are the best bargains to get there? Is anything truly astoundingly great value, or is just that there is no tax on the prices.

    Can anyone provide tips on the best one-stop malls to visit that have both great range and prices?

    Thanks in advance for any info!
  • I definitenly need to get a new suit - any tips on where to go ; bespoke or off the shelf? Tks
  • Dubai is no longer a discount shopping paradise. The malls sell goods at prices much the same as you will find in any large international city. Electronics are maybe 10-15% cheaper, but clothes are more expensive. You can find excellent knock-offs but it is risky to buy these as they are illegal and can be confiscated. The famous duty free at Dubai airport is hugely disappointing - I found prices to be at a premium here and nothing constituted a bargain when compared with London or New York retail prices.

    The other aspect to shopping in Dubai is that at least in the malls, the staff are completely useless - they know very little about the merchandise and are quite unfriendly too.
  • Only shop at the Duty free if you are in-bound and need to get some booze!! Otherwise its very expensive. In the modern world online retailers can provide everything cheaper in your own country without any of the problems assocaited with transfering guarantees and warranties.
  • Here is a quick summary of Shopping in Dubai. Hope it helps!
  • Short summary of shopping in Dubai. Hope it helps!


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